About a girl...

I'm Rachel, 17, and it's very nice to meet you! I just outside of London and, like you - if you're reading this - I love fashion. I started this blog to improve my writing techniques but mainly, to share my obsession of fashion, photography, art and travel with my fellow addicts worldwide.

I'm still in education, secondary school, (and, I must add, battling with exams - hence difficulties in posting regularly) but I can confidently say that I want to work in the fashion industry. It's fast paced, cruel but never dull. Fashion never stops. Currently I'm studying my A-levels: Art Textiles, Biology, English Literature and French. I'm aiming to apply to Central St Martins to do my Art Foundation diploma, then see where it goes from there!

I have a couple new blogs: one more general lifestyle stuff, at Gun & a Pack of Sandwiches, and a portfolio of photographic work, here.

Have any questions? Drop me a message at: thefashionedition@hotmail.co.uk 
I'd been happy to hear from you. 

Thanks for visiting!


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