Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Projects/ Bugged Magazine: Get Published!

Hallo everyone. So since running that Nike 10K (it was fab by the way, very proud of myself) I have finished my AS exams! Freedom...for approximately 4 days before returning to school to start my A2 courses. Ah well, trying to put my time to good use.

And this is what has happened!
I have decided to launch an independent magazine. Well, not decided as such but the idea kind of materialised, and I grasped at it as any creative would.

The concept is a "guerrilla magazine, striving to bring an end to corporate-controlled media and restore freedom of speech and creativity, with your help." 

I have had subscriptions to Elle and Vogue since 2008 and since getting into iD magazine and Dazed & Confused, Pop and Love I have begun to see how commercialised magazines such as Elle and Vogue are. I felt a little like the focus of such magazines is on selling the latest fashions and make-up and informing you how you should look, more than celebrating the artisans behind the industry. Dazed and iD - as I've grown older and more aware of the corporate-control backing the media - have been my go-to (and I'm sort of a punk at heart, zines from the 70s have been a huge inspiration). As independent magazines I find them more relatable: they rarely, if ever, have features dedicated to next seasons 'must-buys'. Through Dazed and iD I'm learning more about whats going on in the world than I ever could through the promotional pages of the more mainstream magazines. 

Perhaps With age I've lost my naivety and have become cynical of the industry I once idolised and adored. I guess it's a good thing in the end as now I have developed a concept of my own that has me very excited. And hopefully you too!

Bugged Magazine

So the idea is that Bugged Magazine is sort of a community project, anyone can contribute content. Each issue has a theme that we want to tackle - readers can suggest themes and this will inform my teams choice - and anyone who wants to be involved can send in their creative responses to the theme, be they literary: written opinions, short stories, anecdotes, memories, playlists, poetry, or anything else; or visually creative: illustrations, artwork, photography, graphic design, fashion/style, make-up etc. If your a performance artist, like a musician/dancer/actor, then we can review your performance/latest album or interview your band etc. 

Bugged Magazine is going to be a platform for independent creatives to get acknowledgement for their work by other likeminded individuals, and just speak up and express opinions. Tabloids warp the facts so often just to increase sales, only showing the reader what they want you to see. 

Bugged is written by people for people and different opinions will be shown regarding each topic to give a rounded view of potential thoughts regarding issues that concern the readers. 

Everyone receives full credit for their opinions and work (retaining ownership rights) and links to personal websites/social media so that the discussion can continue outside of the magazine and work be further celebrated.

Anyways...I'm waffling. 

I'd really love any of you readers out there to be a part of this. It is a magazine based in and around London, but I think its important that creatives from around the world are celebrated too. Bugged will be for anyone who has something to say or show. 

 Bugged Magazine

The first issue is themed "Getting to Know You"and if any of you have something they would like to contribute then I'd love to see it and potentially publish it. Anything that doesn't get chosen for publish will still be promoted across Bugged Magazine's social media platforms, so we ca still share the love. 

Any submissions can be sent to buggedmagazine@outlook.com or through our Tumblr page where the T&Cs can be found.

So yes, I'd love for you to get involved with this magazine, I think it could be an amazing community project for us all.

Connect with the magazine to stay in the loop, it'd be awesome to have you on board:
Twitter: @BuggedMagazine
Instagram: @BuggedMagazine
Google Connect: +Bugged Magazine 

Would love to hear your thoughts - feel free to comment!


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