Friday, 9 May 2014

Fitness/ Nike Women's 10K Run: We Own The Night

For me, its exam time again and boy has it come around fast! This time last year it was year 11 leavers day and marked the beginning of my GCSE examinations and, once those had been and gone, the most awesome summer of my life thus far.

But its back again and this time the stakes are higher. A-levels, 'the gate way to your future', they say. How daunting, no? 

Unlike last year, I am ridiculously demotivated and stress levels are stupidly high. I seem to be concerned about failing yet at the same time I want to avoid my work completely. Bit of a paradox. Anyways I have mastered the art of procrastination over the past couple months, but now I have found myself taking part in the greatest procrastination of them all: a 10K run...

Why I have done this to myself, I don't quite know but hey! I'm up for new experiences and a challenge - despite hating exercise passionately. And what a concept too. Starting at 8pm, 10,000 women (but of course by law male entrants are allowed too) will set off to complete the 10K. All finishers earn themselves a necklace designed by Alex Monroe, and can have a little celebratory dance to Nick Grimshaw's DJ set at the after party. 


So tomorrow instead of revising late into the night you can find me pounding the pavement around Victoria Park in London, probably in pain, probably wishing I'd stayed home with a cup of tea, some McVities and the godawful Wuthering Heights. 

Wish me luck!

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