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Designers/ Up and Coming Talent: Jane Bowler

Hi everyone. I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer break - time to get back to work though, unless you're a designer like Jane Bowler, whose been working hard all summer promoting her kick-starter project.

Azealia Banks shot by Rankin for Hunger Magazine

It's likely that perhaps you haven't heard of Jane Bowler - I myself hadn't until I went on a fashion design course at the V&A museum in April run by the young designer in question.

My work from Bowler's workshop at the V&A. Via her Instagram.

If I remember correctly, Jane Bowler studied her foundation degree at the brilliant Loughborough University (the UK's top sports university - but also acclaimed for their art department) before continuing to study at the Royal College of Art. Her final collection consisted of recycled plastic bath mats, and the plastic aesthetic just...stuck.

AW11 fringing

What Jane can do with plastic is quite incredible: fringing, armour-like geometric garments, cutout jackets and even knitwear pieces. And don't get me started on her accessories; headpieces a-plenty in all shapes and forms, necklaces and earrings made from iridescent painted neoprene. Bowler's work is so original that it's got to the point where I can go 'ah, it's a Bowler.' 

Ellie Goulding, Glamour Magazine

Her artistry and vision is paying off. Jane Bowler garments have garnered the attention of big-name celebrities (Nicki Minaj is one of the latest to buy into Bowler) and publications desperate to use her unique garments in shoots shot by photographic royalty.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from Bowler's collections so far:

AW13 Tesselate
AW13 Tesselate

I love Bowler's headpieces, as shown on the left. The jacket on the right is made of plastic and apparently is really uncomfortable to wear - but magazines love novelty items like these for styling shoots.
SS13 Undercurrent
The way Bowler has used plastic to recreate fish-scales (or mermaids - let your imagination run away with you) for the Undercurrent collection is perfect for layering.

As is the AW14 collection. Featuring plenty of garments with cutouts allows for ample layering opportunities.

AW12 Transcendency 
The plastic in the SS14 collection almost resembles feathers on the bodice. I love the way the look created is contrasting - it emphasises that featherlike detail on the top.

Jane's fringing is absolutely enthralling to me; the movement these garments create is very appealing.

AW12 Transcendency
AW12 Transcendency 

The pieces of the Transcendency collection show the pure technical ability of Bowler and her team. The plastic is manipulated to create voluminous sleeves.

There is a variety of silhouettes in the collection, and again - brilliant accessories. The collection is tied together with subtle links between garments (see the fringing on the sleeves of the garment on the far right), aiding in cohesion.

If you've got a taste for Bowler designs now that I've showcased her work so far in her career, you can help to fund her future ventures - and in return own a piece of Jane Bowler artistry - by buying her limited edition and one-off designs through her Kickstarter page.

All images via Jane Bowler's website

Treat yourself! And be happy in knowing that you are supporting not only an emerging designer, but also London's thriving fashion scene. (Jane runs workshops for those who are interested in garment and jewellery design - not just at the V&A but in her own studios.) Let's help London maintain its status as the fashion capital for new talent and innovation.

Keep on top of what's new with Jane Bowler designs by:

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep an eye out for Jane Bowler's work, and help fund her SS15 Lookbook and Fashion Film.

All the best - and happy Fashion month! It's going to be a busy one.


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