Saturday, 2 August 2014

Info/ Journalism Tips!

Hallo everyone. Since last we spoke I attended this fantastic journalism course with T!Media. Being so inspired by the course I felt inclined to create a fresh start in the blogosphere. No - this is not the end of The Fashion Edition, but it is the beginning of my new blog, Gun & a Pack of Sandwiches!

The difference between the two? Well here I mainly post fashion-related things, but on my new squeeze I'll be posting any and everything under the sun; being free of the word 'Fashion' in my blog name is rather liberating when it comes to writing, I must say!

I thought I'd share some of my tips picked up on the journalism course as I know that many of my fellow bloggers - and indeed you readers - are interested in pursuing a career in writing or journalism.

Quick Tips:
Get WORK EXPERIENCE. Experience shows that you truly are interested in becoming a journalist and are proactive in pursuing this desire. Having experience in journalism before application to a job will separate you from other applicants. TIP: Start off targeting small local publications as you have a greater chance of being accepted. This also goes for getting a job. Start small: smaller companies are likely to have more tasks to issue you, whereas bigger corporations will probably leave you to do the filing and make cups of tea.  You DON'T NEED A DEGREE. All of the journalists who've presented to us so far have declared that most journalists don't have a degree - it's experience that is important. If you do want to do a degree media studies is not recommended. A solid English degree, or other essay writing subject will suffice - that's if you're convinced university is the place for you. 

...For the rest of the tips, read on here. And, if that's not enough, there are 10 more great tips from ex-special correspondent journalist and author, Edna Fernandes!




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