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World Cup Fashion/ Footballers & Significant Others To Watch For

In just a few months' time people all over the world will be turning their gaze toward Brazil, with the World Cup set to begin on June 13. And make no mistake, this is a world event that captures the imaginations of people for all sorts of different reasons beyond sport - as much as I love football, there can be lulls in the excitement. 

Sure, the action on the pitch will undoubtedly be outstanding - and hopefully this time round it won't be heartbreak for England - but the spectacle of it all, the patriotic attitudes, is fascinating from a cultural standpoint as well, and fashion will certainly be a part of it! 

The football world is full of fashion icons, both among the players themselves, and particularly, many of their wives and girlfriends. Growing up so close to Chelsea Football Club's training ground and practically having footballers for neighbours, I have witnessed firsthand the style of the WAGS after many run-ins with Louise Redknapp and Toni Terry. So let's take a look at some of the most stylish figures, on teams and on the sidelines, that we can expect to keep an eye on this summer in Brazil.

The Players:

David Beckham

It goes without saying that Beckham is a fashion icon, and though he is not technically a player anymore, he'll likely put in an appearance at the World Cup. Even during his playing days, Beckham was known nearly as much for his modeling work and good looks as for his talent on the pitch!

Cristiano Ronaldo

ATP Tennis Finals

Not only one of the best players in the world, Ronaldo is also one of the best looking and most stylish footballers currently in action. The Portuguese superstar may not get too much of a chance to flaunt his style during the Cup, but if you watch him play and want a glimpse at his more fashionable side, AskMen wrote a piece on just what makes him a style icon.

Mario Balotelli


Mario Balotelli is weird in every sense of the word. The entertaining accounts of his stylish car being filled with rotting fish by team-mates is enough to go by. He's one of the best young talents in football; he's had numerous awkward brushes with authority; and he could lead Italy on a deep run in this World Cup. But Balotelli knows how to make a statement off the pitch as well. Specifically, he's known for bold hairstyles and rather eccentric fashion displays.

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole and Jay Z

Known for his sleek, classy style, long time English defender Ashley Cole actually doesn't seem like a shoe-in for this year's World Cup. Sporting news and betting tip site Betfair recently did a write-up of several players with work to do to make the national team, and Cole was on the list. Fashion lovers may prefer things that way, as Cole cuts an incredibly suave image when he's not playing.

The Significant Others:

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham
Just as David Beckham will likely put in an appearance, good old Posh Spice will probably show up as well, and that's always a fashion event worth tuning in to. The beautiful Mrs. Beckham has become such a style icon over the years that she now hosts her own website for fashion, accessories, and images, not to mention having shown her label at countless fashion weeks. 

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

Russian model Irina Shayk has a claim as the most stunning of all famous footballer wives and girlfriends, so perhaps it's only natural that she's married to Cristiano Ronaldo. A former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, Shayk has taken part in numerous modelling and acting endeavours and has always stunned in both bold and classy ways. One glance at Shayk's Instagram account reveals everything from gorgeous bikini photos to high-end fashion, with carefree, casually stylish looks in between. She'll certainly be one to watch for during the World Cup.

Coleen Rooney


Coleen Rooney, the wife of English star Wayne Rooney, has always been a sort of casual fashion icon. Rooney doesn't seem as if she's seeking to stun every time she heads out in public, and yet she has always made an impact with her style. Just earlier this month, Manchester Evening News posted an article following the Grand National horse race at Aintree pointing out Rooney's fabulous pink outfit (Mrs. Rooney is a frequent visitor at high-profile horse racing events), and she seemed to wear it in a delightfully casual manner. Rooney has also become a representative for the retail giant Littlewoods.

Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi

The wife of veteran Italian star Francesco Totti, who seems likely to be in line for one last World Cup run this summer, Blasi is one of the biggest names in football fashion. An Italian model and occasional television personality, she has always been closely tied to the fashion world—and always looks stunning. Style Bistro highlights a delightful range of her looks, from casual to formal and all extremely stylish. Let's hope we see a few similar looks if she makes the trek to Brazil!

The truth is, most people close to prominent footballers tend to find ways to look wonderful. - be it the expendable cash and our expectations of how those of fame should look. But these are certainly some names and faces to keep an eye out for if you're watching this summer's action with an interest in fashion!

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