Sunday, 6 April 2014

Music/ Molotov Cocktail

Hi everyone. Today I thought I'd let you know about this really great band that I found out about recently: Molotov Cocktail.


They've recently released a new album and I'm lucky enough to be seeing them performing live tonight in Brighton. Their opening night was a complete success I've been told: a neon themed night of fun and games and sweat sweat sweat! The new album is called Carnival Flower and is so different to my usual music tastes (primarily rock/indie) - despite listening to a broad range of genres - yet perhaps it's Molotov Cocktail's ability to cross all kinds of genres is what makes the band so special.

So what kind of music is it, I hear you ask. Well...the 6-piece band, fronted by Game of Thrones actress and former Harry Potter cast member, Natalia Tena (Nymphadora Tonks), define themselves as Gypstep. With spanish undertones - occasional lyrics too - and plenty of brass, Molotov Cocktail are guaranteed to get you working up a sweat. 

Hope everyone enjoys the final hours of the weekend - oh and the Easter break if you're fortunate like me and aren't working/at school. 

Here's Something for the Weekend! And hopefully I shall get some good photos tonight for you all to see.

Follow the band on Google Connect +MolotovJukebox 
Or on Twitter @Molotov_Jukebox
And Facebook /mojuband

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