Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD) Fashion Futures Final

So September has rolled around again, which means it's fashion month! Exciting, eh?

Well, I'm excited about this month in particular because I've been lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to attend FAD's Fashion Future's final at London Fashion Week! How great is that?!

....What's that you say? What the blooming hell is FAD, you ask? Well then, let me enlighten you.

Fashion Awareness Direct, more simply FAD, is a registered charity in the UK which creates creative opportunities for young people between 15 and 25 years. Their expertise and workshops enlighten young people of how to realise their potential and bridge that daunting (speaking from experience here, guys) gap between education and successful careers in the fashion industry.

I was part of a one-day FAD workshop when I attended the Intensive Journalism course I was blabbing about a couple months ago. We went out and did a little street style photography, shop reports and created trend mood-boards based on our findings. I really enjoyed the experience and made some great contacts, which got me this show reporting gig for the FAD Fashion Futures final.

Finalist, Daniella, with her final design.

FAD offer several different programs, but their main program is the Fashion Futures course - which this year celebrates an astounding 10 years of inspiring young people!! This consists of learning all the practical skills required to design and create a garment.

Toni with her final design
This year 23 finalists who've passed through the program are showcasing their final design at London Fashion Week. You can learn more about the finalists here.

Renee with her final design. All images sourced from FAD blog.

The skills FAD provide participants are incredibly valuable, "It's not enough anymore to have 3 A's at A-Level", says finalist Daniela, and she's right. Programs like FADs' are helping future creatives to stand out from the crowd when applying to Universities and jobs. Charities like FAD are a necessity for helping young people learn more about the industry; if you can spare any money, any and all donations will be of a huge benefit to the charity and the future generations of creatives and designers in England.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the finalists offerings in person at Fashion Week, and to sharing my show report with you all.

All the best,


Dr. Martens: Heritage British Brand

Always at the forefront of British alternative and youth culture, Dr. Martens began life humbly as the boots for policemen and industrial workers. But in the 1950's when youth came to realise they no longer wanted to look like their parents, Dr. Martens came into play.

It was the skinheads who first adopted the boot, prior to Pete Townsend of The Who donning a pair of classic 1460s on stage and bringing the brand to the attention of the masses. Soon after, a pair of Docs became a part of every youth culture's look.

Today, Dr. Martens are putting their prices of two of their classic designs back to their 1960s original price...£3.

I didn't personally fancy fighting my way through the carnage on Carnaby Street to get a pair, but good luck to all of those at the 4 stores involved.

Dr. Marten's current campaign asks us: what do you stand for?

Me? I stand for adventure, equality and freedom (especially when I'm wearing my floral 1461s).

What do you stand for?


Designers/ Up and Coming Talent: Jane Bowler

Hi everyone. I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer break - time to get back to work though, unless you're a designer like Jane Bowler, whose been working hard all summer promoting her kick-starter project.

Azealia Banks shot by Rankin for Hunger Magazine

It's likely that perhaps you haven't heard of Jane Bowler - I myself hadn't until I went on a fashion design course at the V&A museum in April run by the young designer in question.

My work from Bowler's workshop at the V&A. Via her Instagram.

If I remember correctly, Jane Bowler studied her foundation degree at the brilliant Loughborough University (the UK's top sports university - but also acclaimed for their art department) before continuing to study at the Royal College of Art. Her final collection consisted of recycled plastic bath mats, and the plastic aesthetic just...stuck.

AW11 fringing

What Jane can do with plastic is quite incredible: fringing, armour-like geometric garments, cutout jackets and even knitwear pieces. And don't get me started on her accessories; headpieces a-plenty in all shapes and forms, necklaces and earrings made from iridescent painted neoprene. Bowler's work is so original that it's got to the point where I can go 'ah, it's a Bowler.' 

Ellie Goulding, Glamour Magazine

Her artistry and vision is paying off. Jane Bowler garments have garnered the attention of big-name celebrities (Nicki Minaj is one of the latest to buy into Bowler) and publications desperate to use her unique garments in shoots shot by photographic royalty.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from Bowler's collections so far:

AW13 Tesselate
AW13 Tesselate

I love Bowler's headpieces, as shown on the left. The jacket on the right is made of plastic and apparently is really uncomfortable to wear - but magazines love novelty items like these for styling shoots.
SS13 Undercurrent
The way Bowler has used plastic to recreate fish-scales (or mermaids - let your imagination run away with you) for the Undercurrent collection is perfect for layering.

As is the AW14 collection. Featuring plenty of garments with cutouts allows for ample layering opportunities.

AW12 Transcendency 
The plastic in the SS14 collection almost resembles feathers on the bodice. I love the way the look created is contrasting - it emphasises that featherlike detail on the top.

Jane's fringing is absolutely enthralling to me; the movement these garments create is very appealing.

AW12 Transcendency
AW12 Transcendency 

The pieces of the Transcendency collection show the pure technical ability of Bowler and her team. The plastic is manipulated to create voluminous sleeves.

There is a variety of silhouettes in the collection, and again - brilliant accessories. The collection is tied together with subtle links between garments (see the fringing on the sleeves of the garment on the far right), aiding in cohesion.

If you've got a taste for Bowler designs now that I've showcased her work so far in her career, you can help to fund her future ventures - and in return own a piece of Jane Bowler artistry - by buying her limited edition and one-off designs through her Kickstarter page.

All images via Jane Bowler's website

Treat yourself! And be happy in knowing that you are supporting not only an emerging designer, but also London's thriving fashion scene. (Jane runs workshops for those who are interested in garment and jewellery design - not just at the V&A but in her own studios.) Let's help London maintain its status as the fashion capital for new talent and innovation.

Keep on top of what's new with Jane Bowler designs by:

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep an eye out for Jane Bowler's work, and help fund her SS15 Lookbook and Fashion Film.

All the best - and happy Fashion month! It's going to be a busy one.


Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lookbook/ Lola Paris

2-piece velour suit and silk blouse in autumnal shades.

L-O-L-A Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola! (I really hope you know what I'm singing, otherwise this just comes across as plain weird...)

Hello all, I'm writing from rainy/sunny/I-just-can't-make-my-mind-up France. Me being my obsessive self, I bought - let's see... -  6 French fashion magazines (they're only a euro!) within the first two days of my week-long stay. What can I say? When in France, do as the fashion savvy french do!

I won't lie,  despite sudying GCSE and AS Level French, my grasp of the language isn't quite fluent enough for me to read without fault through all of the articles, so I've taken to flipping happily,  looking at the pretty pictures. And - oh! - what a beauty I've found!

French Glamour's final page flaunted Lola Paris, a brand previously unknown to me, so I did a little spelunking and poured myself over their vision for Autumn Winter 2014. The book features some Burberry Prorsum F/W 2014-esque blankets paired with a belt and sleeveless shift, beautiful peacoats - and don't get me started on the suits!!

The smart-casual cool of suits paired with trainers is very on-trend - if you care about keeping up with trends - but also darn aesthetically pleasing. The unexpected pairing of trainers with dresses is something I already do (hey, I'm a sucker for comfort) - but suits...I love the look so much that I'm looking to invest in a two-piece!

Here are my favourite pieces from the Lola Paris F/W 2014 collection.

Love the monochrome contrast on the left look. The right look just screams Burberry, right?
I can't begin to express my adoration for this look, style reference!!

All images sourced from here.

For the full lookbook, check out Lola Paris' website. They've recently opened three new boutiques in Paris, and another in Lyon - so lucky you if you're a local!

All the best from lightning-storm France!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Info/ Journalism Tips!

Hallo everyone. Since last we spoke I attended this fantastic journalism course with T!Media. Being so inspired by the course I felt inclined to create a fresh start in the blogosphere. No - this is not the end of The Fashion Edition, but it is the beginning of my new blog, Gun & a Pack of Sandwiches!

The difference between the two? Well here I mainly post fashion-related things, but on my new squeeze I'll be posting any and everything under the sun; being free of the word 'Fashion' in my blog name is rather liberating when it comes to writing, I must say!

I thought I'd share some of my tips picked up on the journalism course as I know that many of my fellow bloggers - and indeed you readers - are interested in pursuing a career in writing or journalism.

Quick Tips:
Get WORK EXPERIENCE. Experience shows that you truly are interested in becoming a journalist and are proactive in pursuing this desire. Having experience in journalism before application to a job will separate you from other applicants. TIP: Start off targeting small local publications as you have a greater chance of being accepted. This also goes for getting a job. Start small: smaller companies are likely to have more tasks to issue you, whereas bigger corporations will probably leave you to do the filing and make cups of tea.  You DON'T NEED A DEGREE. All of the journalists who've presented to us so far have declared that most journalists don't have a degree - it's experience that is important. If you do want to do a degree media studies is not recommended. A solid English degree, or other essay writing subject will suffice - that's if you're convinced university is the place for you. 

...For the rest of the tips, read on here. And, if that's not enough, there are 10 more great tips from ex-special correspondent journalist and author, Edna Fernandes!



Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Projects/ Bugged Magazine: Get Published!

Hallo everyone. So since running that Nike 10K (it was fab by the way, very proud of myself) I have finished my AS exams! Freedom...for approximately 4 days before returning to school to start my A2 courses. Ah well, trying to put my time to good use.

And this is what has happened!
I have decided to launch an independent magazine. Well, not decided as such but the idea kind of materialised, and I grasped at it as any creative would.

The concept is a "guerrilla magazine, striving to bring an end to corporate-controlled media and restore freedom of speech and creativity, with your help." 

I have had subscriptions to Elle and Vogue since 2008 and since getting into iD magazine and Dazed & Confused, Pop and Love I have begun to see how commercialised magazines such as Elle and Vogue are. I felt a little like the focus of such magazines is on selling the latest fashions and make-up and informing you how you should look, more than celebrating the artisans behind the industry. Dazed and iD - as I've grown older and more aware of the corporate-control backing the media - have been my go-to (and I'm sort of a punk at heart, zines from the 70s have been a huge inspiration). As independent magazines I find them more relatable: they rarely, if ever, have features dedicated to next seasons 'must-buys'. Through Dazed and iD I'm learning more about whats going on in the world than I ever could through the promotional pages of the more mainstream magazines. 

Perhaps With age I've lost my naivety and have become cynical of the industry I once idolised and adored. I guess it's a good thing in the end as now I have developed a concept of my own that has me very excited. And hopefully you too!

Bugged Magazine

So the idea is that Bugged Magazine is sort of a community project, anyone can contribute content. Each issue has a theme that we want to tackle - readers can suggest themes and this will inform my teams choice - and anyone who wants to be involved can send in their creative responses to the theme, be they literary: written opinions, short stories, anecdotes, memories, playlists, poetry, or anything else; or visually creative: illustrations, artwork, photography, graphic design, fashion/style, make-up etc. If your a performance artist, like a musician/dancer/actor, then we can review your performance/latest album or interview your band etc. 

Bugged Magazine is going to be a platform for independent creatives to get acknowledgement for their work by other likeminded individuals, and just speak up and express opinions. Tabloids warp the facts so often just to increase sales, only showing the reader what they want you to see. 

Bugged is written by people for people and different opinions will be shown regarding each topic to give a rounded view of potential thoughts regarding issues that concern the readers. 

Everyone receives full credit for their opinions and work (retaining ownership rights) and links to personal websites/social media so that the discussion can continue outside of the magazine and work be further celebrated.

Anyways...I'm waffling. 

I'd really love any of you readers out there to be a part of this. It is a magazine based in and around London, but I think its important that creatives from around the world are celebrated too. Bugged will be for anyone who has something to say or show. 

 Bugged Magazine

The first issue is themed "Getting to Know You"and if any of you have something they would like to contribute then I'd love to see it and potentially publish it. Anything that doesn't get chosen for publish will still be promoted across Bugged Magazine's social media platforms, so we ca still share the love. 

Any submissions can be sent to or through our Tumblr page where the T&Cs can be found.

So yes, I'd love for you to get involved with this magazine, I think it could be an amazing community project for us all.

Connect with the magazine to stay in the loop, it'd be awesome to have you on board:
Twitter: @BuggedMagazine
Instagram: @BuggedMagazine
Google Connect: +Bugged Magazine 

Would love to hear your thoughts - feel free to comment!


Friday, 9 May 2014

Fitness/ Nike Women's 10K Run: We Own The Night

For me, its exam time again and boy has it come around fast! This time last year it was year 11 leavers day and marked the beginning of my GCSE examinations and, once those had been and gone, the most awesome summer of my life thus far.

But its back again and this time the stakes are higher. A-levels, 'the gate way to your future', they say. How daunting, no? 

Unlike last year, I am ridiculously demotivated and stress levels are stupidly high. I seem to be concerned about failing yet at the same time I want to avoid my work completely. Bit of a paradox. Anyways I have mastered the art of procrastination over the past couple months, but now I have found myself taking part in the greatest procrastination of them all: a 10K run...

Why I have done this to myself, I don't quite know but hey! I'm up for new experiences and a challenge - despite hating exercise passionately. And what a concept too. Starting at 8pm, 10,000 women (but of course by law male entrants are allowed too) will set off to complete the 10K. All finishers earn themselves a necklace designed by Alex Monroe, and can have a little celebratory dance to Nick Grimshaw's DJ set at the after party. 


So tomorrow instead of revising late into the night you can find me pounding the pavement around Victoria Park in London, probably in pain, probably wishing I'd stayed home with a cup of tea, some McVities and the godawful Wuthering Heights. 

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

World Cup Fashion/ Footballers & Significant Others To Watch For

In just a few months' time people all over the world will be turning their gaze toward Brazil, with the World Cup set to begin on June 13. And make no mistake, this is a world event that captures the imaginations of people for all sorts of different reasons beyond sport - as much as I love football, there can be lulls in the excitement. 

Sure, the action on the pitch will undoubtedly be outstanding - and hopefully this time round it won't be heartbreak for England - but the spectacle of it all, the patriotic attitudes, is fascinating from a cultural standpoint as well, and fashion will certainly be a part of it! 

The football world is full of fashion icons, both among the players themselves, and particularly, many of their wives and girlfriends. Growing up so close to Chelsea Football Club's training ground and practically having footballers for neighbours, I have witnessed firsthand the style of the WAGS after many run-ins with Louise Redknapp and Toni Terry. So let's take a look at some of the most stylish figures, on teams and on the sidelines, that we can expect to keep an eye on this summer in Brazil.

The Players:

David Beckham

It goes without saying that Beckham is a fashion icon, and though he is not technically a player anymore, he'll likely put in an appearance at the World Cup. Even during his playing days, Beckham was known nearly as much for his modeling work and good looks as for his talent on the pitch!

Cristiano Ronaldo

ATP Tennis Finals

Not only one of the best players in the world, Ronaldo is also one of the best looking and most stylish footballers currently in action. The Portuguese superstar may not get too much of a chance to flaunt his style during the Cup, but if you watch him play and want a glimpse at his more fashionable side, AskMen wrote a piece on just what makes him a style icon.

Mario Balotelli


Mario Balotelli is weird in every sense of the word. The entertaining accounts of his stylish car being filled with rotting fish by team-mates is enough to go by. He's one of the best young talents in football; he's had numerous awkward brushes with authority; and he could lead Italy on a deep run in this World Cup. But Balotelli knows how to make a statement off the pitch as well. Specifically, he's known for bold hairstyles and rather eccentric fashion displays.

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole and Jay Z

Known for his sleek, classy style, long time English defender Ashley Cole actually doesn't seem like a shoe-in for this year's World Cup. Sporting news and betting tip site Betfair recently did a write-up of several players with work to do to make the national team, and Cole was on the list. Fashion lovers may prefer things that way, as Cole cuts an incredibly suave image when he's not playing.

The Significant Others:

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham
Just as David Beckham will likely put in an appearance, good old Posh Spice will probably show up as well, and that's always a fashion event worth tuning in to. The beautiful Mrs. Beckham has become such a style icon over the years that she now hosts her own website for fashion, accessories, and images, not to mention having shown her label at countless fashion weeks. 

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

Russian model Irina Shayk has a claim as the most stunning of all famous footballer wives and girlfriends, so perhaps it's only natural that she's married to Cristiano Ronaldo. A former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, Shayk has taken part in numerous modelling and acting endeavours and has always stunned in both bold and classy ways. One glance at Shayk's Instagram account reveals everything from gorgeous bikini photos to high-end fashion, with carefree, casually stylish looks in between. She'll certainly be one to watch for during the World Cup.

Coleen Rooney


Coleen Rooney, the wife of English star Wayne Rooney, has always been a sort of casual fashion icon. Rooney doesn't seem as if she's seeking to stun every time she heads out in public, and yet she has always made an impact with her style. Just earlier this month, Manchester Evening News posted an article following the Grand National horse race at Aintree pointing out Rooney's fabulous pink outfit (Mrs. Rooney is a frequent visitor at high-profile horse racing events), and she seemed to wear it in a delightfully casual manner. Rooney has also become a representative for the retail giant Littlewoods.

Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi

The wife of veteran Italian star Francesco Totti, who seems likely to be in line for one last World Cup run this summer, Blasi is one of the biggest names in football fashion. An Italian model and occasional television personality, she has always been closely tied to the fashion world—and always looks stunning. Style Bistro highlights a delightful range of her looks, from casual to formal and all extremely stylish. Let's hope we see a few similar looks if she makes the trek to Brazil!

The truth is, most people close to prominent footballers tend to find ways to look wonderful. - be it the expendable cash and our expectations of how those of fame should look. But these are certainly some names and faces to keep an eye out for if you're watching this summer's action with an interest in fashion!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lookbook/ Kate Moss x Topshop

Kate's back

Printed blouse, Kate x Topshop
Kate Moss, model extraordinaire and pretty much the British fashion icon, is back for a 50-piece - yes, 50 piece, capsule collection at the high-street favourite, Topshop. Moss used to frequently design pieces for Topshop but that partnership ended a couple years ago. But she's back! The collection will be everywhere on the 30th of April. 

There's something about Kate that oozes 'rockstar': the fame, the money, the goddess-like presence? Many a woman would love to be towering in her favoured Christian Louboutin pumps. Whatever it is, I find that she is one of the best style references for festival season in particular. Perhaps its her beloved vintage wardrobe?

Kate's first Glastonbury with Johnny Depp, 1996
Glastonbury, 2003
Isle of Wight, 2006
Glastonbury, 2004, source for all festival photos

Many of the new pieces for Topshop have that classic Kate vintage feel, and are even some of her old designs but revamped, which are perfect for festival season. Here are some of my favourite pieces that I'll fight you for in Topshop.

Lace up aztec print shorts, kinda Isabel Marant-y
Paisley trousers, awesome!

Leather tassel jacket
Crotchet lace dress

If you want to see the entire collection, head over to Nylon. Really looking forward to this capsule, gonna be a stunner! 

I have a couple festivals I'm excited about attending this summer - Reading, WOMAD and Latitude -so I'll definitely be looking towards Moss for inspiration. 

Over and out.

Monday, 7 April 2014

RIP Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof has passed away at the age of 25. This is so shocking and such a sad situation seeing as the singer and actress has left behind a husband and two sons, similar to how her own mother passed.

RIP Peaches.




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