Monday, 22 April 2013

I'm Shopping.../ Everybody Panic!!

Ground control to blogosphere...How are we all? It has been hectic and boy has time flown, we're nearly through with April and it was January when we last spoke!

I am just about to enter the worst 6 weeks of my life so far: final GCSE exams. Revision is unappealing, and despite wanting to do well and achieve my targets I just can't seem to get in the mindset - or accept the fact that this is it. Final exams. That freedom, well sort-of, is in touching distance.

Hopefully realisation will hit before it's too late, in the meantime I've been studying the art of procrastination: a qualification I have mastered. Part of my procrastination, asides from being glued to the TV (Pulp Fiction, Heat, Django Unchained, finally got around to watching The Godfather 3...) and visiting the cinema (A Good Day to Die Hard was so-so but, my lord, wasn't Trance good?!) consisted of shopping. Not just any shopping, shoe shopping.

Chrisoph Waltz is very deserving of his BAFTA, among other awards and nominations.
An amazing film that I've already pre-ordered on Amazon.
Now to shoes. They are difficult items that require more careful consideration than your typical dip-dyed vest top. These are things that need to last you longer than one season. I, in a fit of stressed out depression and being bottomed out on energy, bought myself not one but two pairs of shoes yesterday; I rarely buy shoes so this kind of demonstrates how stressed I was.

Nope, I don't regret a thing - they were both in the sale! Say hello to my newest babies:

Underground Hacienda Monk Creepers
£105 £47 on Asos
Asos Studded Flatform Trainers
£35 £17.50

Out in the wizardry that is the postal service are my latest additions. At this rate they right arrive the same day as my pre-ordered copy of Django Unchained...what a good day that'd be if they did!

Have a nice week!

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