Monday, 21 January 2013

Photography/ Fun in the Snow

Since I last blogged, England has been coated in a thick blanket of snow. I'd been revising the whole weekend and hadn't ventured out in the blizzards yet, so I decided to walk the dogs with Mum - and grab a coffee from Costa's of course! 

I dressed for the snow the only way I know how: Russian style! Complete with fluffy cossack, a Marks and Spencers gem - I must add, sensible walking boots, jeans, black pea-coat and one of my many favourite jumpers we braved the cold.

On the way we passed the Church which looked gorgeous all white and snowy, but still retained that eerie gloom reserved for Church yards. 

Enjoy the pictures!

St Andrews Church, Cobham

Monty is loving the snow despite carrying around huge snowballs caught in his fur!

Lulu with snowflakes in her beard :)

Shaking off the snow! All photography and rights are mine, and belong to The Fashion Edition. 

Stay cool y'all! Have a nice week!

The Fashion Edition's Not-so-true Facts No.1:
Duck-faces are illegal in 17 countries.


  1. CUTE DOG <3
    I love the picture effect :)

  2. I love your blog so much! You have beautiful photos! :)


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