Saturday, 10 November 2012

Street Style Photography/ Hyde Park

I have finally got myself together and - as promised - have compiled a selection of my favourite photos I took at Hyde Park for BT London Live's Closing Ceremony Concert. Expect lots of patriotism, headgear, fashion, tattoos, and amazing music!


Blue lips: an awesome fashion statement.

Floral printed sundress.

Blur fans waiting for the show to begin!

Blue watch.

I think he knew I was taking his him for smiling!

Head Gear:
My favourite shot of the day! Best hat!

Bowler hat.

Cadbury's chocolate medals used as accessories. 



Union Jack.

Sex Pistols.

Love your country.

I love her tattoos, especially the owl!

The Music:

The Specials on stage!


The Sky:

All photography is mine. Please ask before using any of my photos.
It was an amazing night, with brilliant music and even better, an incredible atmosphere. To top it all off,  there was a shooting star!

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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