Thursday, 22 November 2012

Music/ Passion Pit

This past Summer I found something beautiful. And I mean truly beautiful: a radio station that speaks my language, reads my mind and knows my playlist intimately. XFM.

So there I was, literally everyday for two weeks in my bedroom catching up with my mounting piles of coursework with XFM playing through my laptop; on pops this tune: a solid beat, catchy chorus and lyrics which tell a story. By definition, it was beautiful.

'Take a Walk' was written by Passion Pit. Because of that very song I looked further into their other tracks and, my my, I have fallen in love!! They are an American band with a kind of electro-ish feel but I'm sure, regardless of your musical taste, you will find at least one of their tracks addictive!

Personally I adore, as I said before, 'Take a Walk' but also 'Sleepy Head' and - my favourite - 'Seaweed Song'! I really do recommend Passion Pit: they're brilliant to run to and sing along.

Give them a listen!


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