Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lookbook/ Rock-oco by Topshop

Everyone seems to be hopping onto the Baroque-esque band wagon, but alongside the current punk/stud trend everything has become more rock 'n' roll, with gold studding and silver metal embroidery.

Topshop's latest collection is an example of just that: it's like my beloved Alison Mosshart (I saw her and Jack White live!! She's so inspirational!) becoming Dolce & Gabbana's adopted daughter. Check it out!

Metallic embroidery thread makes this whole intricately designed jumper embellishment jump out, the same goes for those cute velvet shorts.

The use of lace underneath the pleating on the skirt of the dress is subtly Gothic, as is the Victorian cut dress. The short length of the skirt is balanced by the long length of the flowing sheer sleeves.

Original picture source, edited by me.
These incredible embroidered jeans are my favourite! There is even a dress with this same gold embroidery thread. You can see it here.

I love how the grunge hair and make-up is paired with smooth, slick cut clothes. I really want to try this out - but first I need to get me some Baroque style clothes.

Peace, out.

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  1. Love, Love those pictures!!!! I have to say I really like how you describe the pics and give your opinion. So awesome. (I think you should try the hairstyle even without the baroque clothing)


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