Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lists/ Santa, Baby...

It’s getting a little festive, isn’t it? The lights are up in the cities just waiting to be lit by big celebrities (my, my, that rhymed!). This past week my super pro-Christmas friends have been breaking out the Christmas anthems and, I must say, the Christmas spirit is plenty contagious.

So much so that I've started my collection of gift ideas that I would both love to give and receive this Christmas. Check it out.

Leave me a comment: what are you hoping to discover under your tree?  

1. Lazy Oaf - Wallflower Baseball tee

'Perks of a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky is one of my favourite books, so much so that I haven't seen the film adaptation yet - I don't want such a beautiful book to be ruined! I love this top, not only because it says 'Wallflower' but also because I adore baseball style cut tee shirts. So comfy!

2. Polaroid 636 Camera from Culture Label

Preeeety retro, eh? I've always wanted to earn one of these babies, it would be perfect for quick snaps when I'm on the go, then easily slipped into a photo journal full of inspiration...

3. Photo journal from Culture Label

This great book features illustrations of different cameras through the ages on the pages and little sticky corners that allow you to secure your Polaroid instants! No need for glue - perfect!

4. Sonos Speaker from Play:3
Sonos speakers can play your music wireless-ly from your iPhone, MP3 or whatever you own. How good it that? Instead of having to dock your phone of iPod into the speaker and keep walking back and forward to change tracks, you can control it all from your phone! Fab!

So what's at the top of your list? Or what are you giving this Christmas time?



  1. Great picks! I'm basically asking for the contents of Topshop haha! x

  2. Great picks! I'm thinking of asking for a polaroid camera too but I haven't completely decided...Lucia


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