Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Inspiration/ Flower Crowns

They are omni-present, that I am sure of. Wherever your turn: BAM! Flower crown. Is it because we are reminiscing of spring? No. It's just because they look too damn cool. Oh and then there's Lara Del Rey's input, but that's just a minor thing, really! Truly flower crowns originate from Day of the Dead celebrations, but haven't really had much hype until Lana adopted the crown.

Flower Crowned Lana

Whether you're pro flower crown or not, you've gotta admit: they look mighty fine in photos. Whether you can work it in the supermarket is a whole different issue. But, hey! Here's how people are working the flower crown.

Stylist Magazine: Milan Duomo. Source.

Flower crown donning bride. Source.

Cult Gaia Flower Crown $120. Source.

Digging the red stained lips and orange rose flower crown. Source.

I like how in this flower crown there are a variety of sizes and different kinds of flowers. Source.

She's so pretty. Purple is rarely used on crowns but its kind of regal and bold. Great flowed crown!
I don't know why but I get a distinctly Japanese Geisha feel from this photo. Source

Hope you liked the snaps and are maybe inspired to create your own flower crown: prove me wrong! Wear it to the supermarket!! If you get funny looks pull a duck face...maybe you'll be mistaken for Lana...



  1. Great post dear!!! i love it =) following back ;)


  2. Would love to see someone in the supermarket with it!!!!! hahhaha
    And since here its still spring i can wear it with no guilt


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