Thursday, 16 August 2012

Holidays/ Packing for Italy

I hope that everyone is having a lovely Summer, whether your working or on holiday yourself, chilling with friends. I myself have just enjoyed a lovely two weeks of sun, sea and sand on the beautiful Dutch island of Aruba in the Caribbean (whose slogan is One Happy Island - I tell you, it's true!).

Arubans are as friendly as they say they are, speaking Patois, Dutch, English and Spanish - I wish I was as good a linguist as the average Aruban. There, I got seriously tanned, played volleyball todos los días, dipped into bingo - which I never thought I'd enjoy - where my cousin and I won $13, played 5 a side basketball with the locals and took my cousins, aunt and uncle bowling - which they don't have in Trinidad (where they are from). The day after we got home I went to the BT London Live Concert where I rocked out to New Order, The Specials, Bombay Bicycle Club and was present for the last ever Blur concert in history. Photos will follow soon! Now I am back home with some serious jet-lag, preparing for Friday where I will be going to Italy. Yay!

Since travelling abroad is so expensive nowadays we are only taking one suitcase for the three of us, so here are my tips for packing light and what I'm carrying to Italia.

In my Suitcase:

Some of you may know that I am a bit of a book lover but with school I have seldom chance to read. Summer is the time for books so I pack many on holidays. In the photo above I have read the first four on the top row (L-R) and am half-way through Jeffery Deaver's new 007 James Bond book, Carte Blanche - it's pretty amazing and unputdown-able!

For some reason I only own bikinis (not including my old swimsuit for my swim club). I think this might be something to do with the small choice provided and lack of appealing affordable designs stocked for Summer this year. I found none of the one-pieces this year attractive - I don't know about you. 

Above you can see the bikini's I'm taking to Italy: from the closest to the furthest away there is the Topshop Versace-ish, Urban Outfitters geometric, bronze H&M and white Day of the Dead H&M bikini's. 

Above are my tee-shirts I'm packing: more garments than days we are there but I love to have a good choice. 

From top to bottom: white semi-transparent Topshop tee, grey Fleetwood Mac Rumours tank by And Finally bought from Topshop, Tie-Dyed cami by Ecote from Urban Outfitters, black shirt vest by Forever 21, teal top from Zara, pink semi-transparent Topshop tee, aztec inspired Topshop vest, white and red bat-wing, black Illuminati-ish (gaah) Urban Outfitters tank, and finally my Deja Vu print Urban Outfitters tee-shirt.

I only am taking a few pairs that will be worn when shopping and visiting the towns like Firenze and Lucca (for cycling - of course!). 

From bottom to top there are my Zara chinos, Zara denim jeans, oh and my red Zara waxed jeans (see a pattern here?), white linen Topshop trousers and a pair of black leggings.

I must state this now: in Tuscany I think that Converse are probably the most worn footwear brand. That's why I always carry one of my 8 pairs with me. 

Clockwise: white All Star Converse, Topshop studded slippers, Bronx sandals bought from Asos, UGG flipflops, and my new Nike Lunaracer+ (post review coming!!) trainers.

Shirts and Shorts:
Shorts and skirts will probably be the most worn seeing as it is going to be hawt in Italy; on Saturday it will be 38 degrees C and will remain the same for three more days. 

From left to right: remade Cooperative button up at the front skirt, Max C black pleated skirt, pink Polo Ralph Lauren shorts, Mango blue elasticated waist shorts, denim belted Urban Outfitters shorts.

I like to keep it simple with make-up anyway so I am packing very little: I doubt I will end up wearing any at all!! 

Above you can see my Rimmel London liquid eyeliner in Black, Dior black mascara, Elizabeth Arden powder foundation in shade 5, Max Factor lip tint pen in shade 6, and finally my Bobbi Brown smoky eye pallet.

So these are some of the things you can find in our suitcase for Italy tomorrow. My mission for this Italian holiday is to hit up the retro and vintage shops, then report back to you guys with hopefully (fingers crossed) some amazing finds!! 

See you soon!


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