Friday, 20 April 2012

Fashion History/ Punk Styling

So the time has come, my Textiles GCSE project has begun! From the many options we were given I have decided to put my faith (and 60% of my final grade) into creating a Punk inspired project, consisting of 22 pages of A3 coursework and a garment or accessory that I've made.

For the past week I've been collecting a series of images inspired by the 'Age of Punk' for my moodboard that I would like to share with you, in addition to the history of Punk.

Punk: The Subculture

All pictures can be found on my Pinterest, linking to
their direct source.

Punk emerged in the 1970's, and the British have taken credit for it's existence, despite the French input. I mean, how could we not? Britain produced the Sex Pistols with their iconic 'God Save the Queen' artwork, but apparently it was the French influence that gave the Punk movement it's confrontational attitude and the drive to rebel. And to the French I salute, for without this sense of anarchy Punk would never have had as great an effect on society or challenged fashion followers to be adventurous and have a sense of individuality.

One Vivienne Westwood was the co-developer, with then partner Malcolm McLaren, of the Punk styling we all know and love due to her designing the stage outfits for The Sex Pistols which Malcolm was acting as manager of. They opened a boutique in 1971 on 430 Kings Road, originally named "Let it Rock" but better known now as World's End where Vivienne continues to sell her Vivienne Westwood label clothes - still with a punk edge. 

As the years have passed Punk styling has slowly been toned down, but is ever frequent in highstore chains where, not just a small minority, but the mass market are purchasing clothes with a punk theme. 
Here are two Punk-ish products on the market today that I absolutely adore:

Religion Sweatshirt
Topshop Dip-Dye Studded Sweat

And I'll leave you with some final inspirational images:

Love Rachel

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  1. Ohh punk is an endless source of inspiration!!! you´re gonna have a hard time trying to select the things you love about it... good luck!!!!!!


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