Saturday, 14 January 2012

Spring 2012: The Trends/ Pastels

Hmmm, pastels. I understand why pastels aren't that popular with some people, but personally I'm sure that those with preconceived ideas of how to dress pastels may have a change of heart for Spring 2012. A whole host of designers and big names in fashion have shown their take on Springs controversial trend, maybe we should get on the bandwagon?

 Left to Right: Diesel, Preen, Sportmax, Calvin Klein Collection, Oscar de la Renta, Jaeger London, Lanvin, D&G. Source

It seems the way to dress your pastels for 2012 is with edge in mind. Pastels are faded and in less sickly shades of rose, lemon, icy blue and ivy green teamed with smoky eyes. 

The highstreet is also showcasing its take on alternative pastels. Topshop recommends geometric tunics and tie-dyed dresses.  

This peachy coloured dress is a great alternative if head to toe pastel is not your cup of tea (whose is?). The tie-dyed twist on the dress gives it the extra oomph, as its so simple accessories would be your best friend. I adore this mohair jumper as it is both bang on trend and - a jumper! It fits the edgy pastel aesthetic with the thinner yarns around the shoulders, giving it a worn appearance. I could see it paired with leather look trousers or shorts.  The final tunic is brilliant if you cant decide which pastel shade to go for and I love that added tribal feel. 

So I hope you wont completely pass on the pastel trend this Spring, you might be surprised how easily you can integrate pastel pieces into your wardrobe - no matter what style you have. 



  1. I absolutely love pastels and always have. Just bought a pair of light blue jeans today in New Look actually, would go perfectly with a pink pastel top!

  2. Mmm i´m certainly one of those people who arent completely excited about pastels... don´t get me wrong, i see some of these images and i adore them.. but i´m just too pale ( i would look like a ghost with the peach dress hahah)..and those colours are just not my style.. so more space in the bandwagon for everyone else!!!! hahaha


  3. I am a huge color fan. Bright, rich and jewel. I am so so about the pastel, but your post has made me reconsider. Great post. I found your blog on IFB. Fab blog you got!
    Happy Blogging <3

  4. Pastels are back with a vengeance. I do like the colors more this time around! Pastels rarely look good on me but I will have to give some of these shades a try.
    Found you when we were both featured on IFB this week :)

  5. Lovely! So happy pastels are a trend again!

  6. I love the pastel trend and there are so many shades out there! I really love them for home decor as well! I just did a post on the lovely Katie Ermilio, who has an amazing Spring 2012 line and she uses pastels in the best possible way!


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