Monday, 30 January 2012

Inspiration/ Spring

It's ridiculous. England is neither in Winter, it hasn't even snowed yet, or Spring. I'm so bored of the seasons being in limbo that I'm yearning for hotter weather. Anyway in the spirit of anticipating the upcoming seasons, here's some inspirational images and lyrics!

I get dressed up in my winter clothes
And step outside to look at the roses
But they're all covered in the morning snow

I get dressed up in my summer clothes
And step outside to look at the roses
But they're all covered in their sharper thorns

Let's put on our rain coats
And drench ourselves in english weather
Just to know we're free
We'll bury our heads down beneath the old oak tree
Just you and me

I get dressed up in my autumn clothes
And step out side to pick up the leaves and
I can not believe the whole year has gone


Just open your heart
And the world will carry you home tonight
It will.

Charlie Simpson - Thorns

Merry January 30th one and all!



  1. I love these inspiration pictures! They are beautiful!

  2. these pictures are getting me so pumped for warmer weather. at least I still have some time to try to master the beautiful nail art!

  3. Summer looks good until the day it comes and you suffer the millon deegres on the street!!! Believe me i´m suffering it!!! hahah Anyway, great inspiration ;)


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