Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Here we go again!

It appears that we have survived yet another year, despite the Mayans insistence that we were doomed to die on the 21st of December 2012. But as we always seems to do, we have come out the other side having had various victories and recent disasters that will have shaped us into newer, (hopefully)better people for this New Year.

2013 will bring us the second term of President Obama, the Rugby World Cup Sevens (yup, I'm a rugby fan!) and more importantly, the prequel to Monsters Inc: Monsters University!


On the Independent Fashion Bloggers website they have asked us all what we will do differently next year - it got me thinking. Instead of the usual new years resolutions we all make yet fail to achieve, my new years resolutions this year are hopefully going to be achievable! I'm aiming to earn my target grades of A's in my GCSE's, make a good start and stay on top of my AS levels, blog more and to take more photos: get out to London more often so that I can share with those of you who are unfamiliar with the city I love so much.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Christmas celebrations and has a happy New Year!

What are your New Years resolutions?

Lots of love from rainy France,


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Product Spotlight/ Avenue 32

There may be only 2 days till Christmas but, if you're like me, that by no means suggests that the Christmas shopping is complete! However if you are one of those busy bees who are well prepared for this impending christmas, you still have a treat in store! Tonight I came across a wonderful website, sort-of a high end Asos, called Avenue 32 - I don't know whether you've heard of them or not. Anyhoo...I for one can't believe I haven't stumbled upon this beauty before!

Voted by British Vogue as the 32nd best  of 100 online store, and I can see why! They some stock some of the best brands around: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Peter Som, Sarah Chloe, Poplin, Giles, J Brand and even Chalayan.

Out of all of the gorgeous products available, my favourites are...

Avenue 32

From left to right.

Cédric Charlier - Midnight Blue Shearling Jacket. 
Cédric launched his collection this year in Paris, and I'm certain he will be someone to keep an eye on for the future. On Avenue 32 you can buy yourself a slice of the very delicious looking pie that is Cédric's first collection before anyone else wises up!

L'Agence - Gold Raglan Jumper. Bang on the metallic trend, this exquisite painted gold foil jumper will definitely make you shine the brightest this Christmas! 

Cédric Charlier - Anthracite Mohair Jumper. I love this piece, another example of the beautiful pieces in Cédric's first collection. I think what I like the most is the simplicity of the design, but it is made more extravagant by the contrasting embroidered collar.

Vika Gazinskaya - Wooden Diamond Jumper. This inventive piece by Vika Gazinskaya is something that I absolutely need. The simple grey marl of the crew neck sweatshirt paired with these kooky colourful wooden diamonds has a beautiful modernist feel. What's even better is that you can move around the diamonds to create your own designs! Simply awesome. 

Giles - Black Peplum Sweater. This simplistic sweater by Giles made it into my top 9 because I adored the peplum feature at the waist which turns this rather ordinary black sweater into something more magical. Another feature of this design which makes it more interesting is the sheer panel at the front. This would look great with a boldly coloured pencil skirt...

Peter Som - Off-white Tuxedo Jacket. So on trend for AW 12/13, this gorgeous tuxedo jacket keeps it simple: it could easily be dressed down with a pair of jeans, or up with a pair of black or white trousers. 

Pringle of Scotland - Dove Grey Contrast Cuff Shirt. You may or may not have noticed but I quite like simple designs with a little bit of contrast; it's simple and modern, which I consider to be one of the best aesthetics around. You could even pair this Pringle shirt with the previous Peter Som blazer. Might look good with a slice of black peeking out from behind the white sleeves!

Peter Som - Houndstooth Double-Breasted Coat. Now this is what I call a coat. Heritage print. Double-breasted. Oversized. I love the classic cut, a completely timeless piece and worth the investment.

Manuela Dack - Grey Suede Jersey Sweater. This, not unlike the Vika Gazinskaya sweater, is very desirable; featuring arrow-shaped cut outs in the suede to reveal the grey of the sweater, this is a very unique product and one I adore. 

So, yes. That is my top 9 favourite things in stock at Avenue 32 at the moment. Sure, the prices may be scary for me: a girl who has only just got her first job (finally earning some money!). But I think, and you may agree with me, that fashion is an investment which enriches your lifestyle. A piece truly has to be worth your hard earned money for you to make that kind of investment. However I think you can see from the beautiful garments I have shown you today, that Avenue 32 can truly cater to all of your lifestyle needs; they really do have some stand-out pieces!

Merry Christmas, everyone! And here's to a happy new year!


Monday, 17 December 2012

Street Style Photography/ November in London

Hey, all. Its flown by, am I right? Last week, last month, this year?! As we near the end of, what has truly been, an awesome year I'm looking back at some photos I took in November. 

I frequented London quite often in November, firstly with my friend Hannah for a little slice of Jack White (from The White Stripes - gees!) and The Kills, secondly for some Christmas shopping and to see the  Valentino exhibition with Tamara, someone whom you may be seeing a little more of in the future. This is the girl who fell asleep in the changing-rooms of Topshop on Oxford Street for, what I'm sure is a record, 40 minutes.

Anyway, here's to the great months that have past and the great months we've yet to experience. Enjoy!

Carnaby Street: It's only Rock 'n Roll. Rolling Stones xmas tribute.
At Jack White in Alexandra Palace. Artists perform for us impatient music lovers in the food hall.

London's lights: shining the brightest.
On the train to Waterloo.

Tamara and her piece of kit.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Product Spotlight/ Next Party Shoes

So I guess the party season is well and truly at foot (no pun intended!!). All of the designer and highstreet stores are filled with glitz and glamour in preparation for Christmas and New Years celebrations, especially when it comes to shoes.

Highstreet favourite Next have got some of the best party shoes around at affordable prices! If you see below, Next have mixed a variety of the latest top trends to create highly desirable shoes.

The New Chic

Studs, embellishments, sequins and mesh details create that sparkle a pair of party shoes need. The best thing with having detailed shoes is that you don't have to go too over the top with the rest of your outfit. Keeping it simple always looks best!

My favourite pair above is the platform metallic strapped suede heels (the first on the left). I adore the gold trim around the toes and the subtleness of the metallic straps. So gorgeous - and only £45!!

Next even offer matching accessories so there's no panic to find that infamous matching bag!

Keep Next in mind when your shopping for your party dresses and accessories, you can't really go wrong with their high quality and reasonable prices!!


Designers/ Comme des Garcons: Wallets

I was just browsing on The Goodhood Store and I came across the latest collection of accessories by Comme des Garcons that are new in on the site. 

There are some really beautiful purses - all leather - with the iconic Comme des Garcons embossed patterns, on trend polka dots and a beautiful range of colours and classic shapes to choose from.

Comme des Garcons Wallets

I adore these purses for their variety of shapes and colours. The vibrant blue has to be my favourite! The best thing about this collection is that if you wanted you can coordinate your purse with your iPad cover - thats right, they do iPad covers too!!

The smaller purses are actually quite reasonably well priced, if you take into consideration that they are 100% leather: £58 for a small purse. Not too shabby!

Check out the collection and, while you're there, the 50% off sale across loads of the designer brands!!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Music/ Passion Pit

This past Summer I found something beautiful. And I mean truly beautiful: a radio station that speaks my language, reads my mind and knows my playlist intimately. XFM.

So there I was, literally everyday for two weeks in my bedroom catching up with my mounting piles of coursework with XFM playing through my laptop; on pops this tune: a solid beat, catchy chorus and lyrics which tell a story. By definition, it was beautiful.

'Take a Walk' was written by Passion Pit. Because of that very song I looked further into their other tracks and, my my, I have fallen in love!! They are an American band with a kind of electro-ish feel but I'm sure, regardless of your musical taste, you will find at least one of their tracks addictive!

Personally I adore, as I said before, 'Take a Walk' but also 'Sleepy Head' and - my favourite - 'Seaweed Song'! I really do recommend Passion Pit: they're brilliant to run to and sing along.

Give them a listen!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Inspiration/ Flower Crowns

They are omni-present, that I am sure of. Wherever your turn: BAM! Flower crown. Is it because we are reminiscing of spring? No. It's just because they look too damn cool. Oh and then there's Lara Del Rey's input, but that's just a minor thing, really! Truly flower crowns originate from Day of the Dead celebrations, but haven't really had much hype until Lana adopted the crown.

Flower Crowned Lana

Whether you're pro flower crown or not, you've gotta admit: they look mighty fine in photos. Whether you can work it in the supermarket is a whole different issue. But, hey! Here's how people are working the flower crown.

Stylist Magazine: Milan Duomo. Source.

Flower crown donning bride. Source.

Cult Gaia Flower Crown $120. Source.

Digging the red stained lips and orange rose flower crown. Source.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lists/ Santa, Baby...

It’s getting a little festive, isn’t it? The lights are up in the cities just waiting to be lit by big celebrities (my, my, that rhymed!). This past week my super pro-Christmas friends have been breaking out the Christmas anthems and, I must say, the Christmas spirit is plenty contagious.

So much so that I've started my collection of gift ideas that I would both love to give and receive this Christmas. Check it out.

Leave me a comment: what are you hoping to discover under your tree?  

1. Lazy Oaf - Wallflower Baseball tee

'Perks of a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky is one of my favourite books, so much so that I haven't seen the film adaptation yet - I don't want such a beautiful book to be ruined! I love this top, not only because it says 'Wallflower' but also because I adore baseball style cut tee shirts. So comfy!

2. Polaroid 636 Camera from Culture Label

Preeeety retro, eh? I've always wanted to earn one of these babies, it would be perfect for quick snaps when I'm on the go, then easily slipped into a photo journal full of inspiration...

3. Photo journal from Culture Label

This great book features illustrations of different cameras through the ages on the pages and little sticky corners that allow you to secure your Polaroid instants! No need for glue - perfect!

4. Sonos Speaker from Play:3
Sonos speakers can play your music wireless-ly from your iPhone, MP3 or whatever you own. How good it that? Instead of having to dock your phone of iPod into the speaker and keep walking back and forward to change tracks, you can control it all from your phone! Fab!

So what's at the top of your list? Or what are you giving this Christmas time?


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Collaborations/ Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

It's finally here! The collection all eager fashionistas have been waiting for: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M. Launching in 15 minutes, its sure to go down a hit! I can imagine the queues already...

I love this collection more than some of the previous Designer x H&M collaborations, even Versace's collab. 

Its probably because I adore the silhouette Maison Martin Margiela incorporates into the pieces. The more slouched, flowing shapes create a longer figure which is always flattering.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures! I hope that any of those who battled for a slice of the very appealing pie that is Maison Martin Margiela, succeeded and are content with their purchase.

Taken by my mother, a source of frequent inspiration! Chiswell Street London.

Again, mother (she's awesome - you'd love her). Picture rights The Fashion Edition.

Have a great day!


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lookbook/ Rock-oco by Topshop

Everyone seems to be hopping onto the Baroque-esque band wagon, but alongside the current punk/stud trend everything has become more rock 'n' roll, with gold studding and silver metal embroidery.

Topshop's latest collection is an example of just that: it's like my beloved Alison Mosshart (I saw her and Jack White live!! She's so inspirational!) becoming Dolce & Gabbana's adopted daughter. Check it out!

Metallic embroidery thread makes this whole intricately designed jumper embellishment jump out, the same goes for those cute velvet shorts.

The use of lace underneath the pleating on the skirt of the dress is subtly Gothic, as is the Victorian cut dress. The short length of the skirt is balanced by the long length of the flowing sheer sleeves.

Original picture source, edited by me.
These incredible embroidered jeans are my favourite! There is even a dress with this same gold embroidery thread. You can see it here.

I love how the grunge hair and make-up is paired with smooth, slick cut clothes. I really want to try this out - but first I need to get me some Baroque style clothes.

Peace, out.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Trends/ Studs

Its official: we are well and truly stud crazy! This worldwide phenomenon finds its origins in 70’s Punk styling which as we know with all fashion trends (quoting Justin Timberlake here, guys) “what goes around comes back around”. So punk is back again - with vengeance apparently - as in leather, biker jackets, and studs of all shapes and sizes again monopolises both fashion house and high street collections.

What is it that attracts us to studs and punk? Is it the sense of rebellion and boldness? The freedom from society’s expectations? I think it must be a combination of them all. But anyway, no more of that.

I have found some amazing studded products from designers, and the high street.

Zara Camouflage Studded Shirt 
Topshop Suede Studded Clutch

Sister Jane Studded Velvet Jacket - Asos
Missguided Leather Studded Skate Skirt
I'm so in love with studs; they make the Punk trend accessible to literally everyone. So why not invest in some studded beauties yourself? You cant really go wrong with a stud and, like I said earlier, what goes around comes back around anyway!


Street Style Photography/ Hyde Park

I have finally got myself together and - as promised - have compiled a selection of my favourite photos I took at Hyde Park for BT London Live's Closing Ceremony Concert. Expect lots of patriotism, headgear, fashion, tattoos, and amazing music!


Blue lips: an awesome fashion statement.

Floral printed sundress.

Blur fans waiting for the show to begin!

Blue watch.

I think he knew I was taking his him for smiling!

Head Gear:
My favourite shot of the day! Best hat!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Product Spotlight/ Coggles

Hey everyone, thank God it's Friday, huh? So today I decided it was time to share a little secret find of mine that I adore. It's another of those rare jewels in the world of online shopping that can cater to your every need.

Friends, it's time for you to be introduced to Home to nearly every beloved brand, both small and big, under the sun - I'm talking Dr Martens, Joseph, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Religion here people! Coggles is an absolute haven for designer wear, be it lesser know to the general public.

I feel it is my duty to share some of what I consider to be some of Coggles best products with you, so I shall.

The Fashion Edition: Product Spotlight/ Coggles

Here are nine of my favourite products on sale at Coggles. For all the prices, links and more just go to the Polyvore link above or here.

I think that these products are great. I love the top left shirt by Surface to Air because it looks so light and floaty but also will help you fit that Gothic trend for Autumn/Winter 2012, but in a softer more feminine way. This also applies to the shirt below the Surface to Air top, by Antipodium whose patent leather looking collar  creates a great contrast to the sheerness of the material.

Now to the M Missoni knitted dress. This is also going to be a big hit as it is such a great fluorescent colour but also has that dogtooth print, therefore covering the Heritage trend but in Missoni's own special way. Then we come to the Boy London leggings which I find Coggles are retailing at one of the lowest price compared to other retailers. I love this because really, I just love the Boy London brand - which isn't a great reason but oh well!

The vest top with the awesome pop art-y eyes is by Moschino Cheap and Chic, I think it would look fabulous when paired with some black jeans, or leather trousers - whatever floats your boat.

The tote bag is to die for. If you were to guess who it was by I'm sure you would come up with Pendelton or the other famous brands that incorporate aztec features, but no. This my friends is Ralph Lauren.

Then there are the Opening Ceremony shoes which are great if you want to tick off the Tomboy trend with style. The print is very appealing, making these loafers a huge hit in my eyes.

Finally I wanted to add the slippers by H by Hudson, as slippers are becoming such a huge feature in fashion and also this particular design is perfectly demonstrating the Baroque trend that I was harping on about when I last posted.

I hope you have liked these items and will be soon exploring Coggles for yourselves!

Rachel, out.
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