Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fashion Rewind/ Candy Couture

Hello there! Today I was in the mood for a little look back on one of the best shows Fall 2011 Couture threw at us. It was the first non-Galliano collection in 15 years, but that's not to say that there weren't pieces of the usual Christian Dior aesthetic showing through.

Happily for the lovers of all things scrumptious, the collection was inspired by old school candy.

There were Bonbon hats, cake wrapper dresses and geometric printed skirts in a tribute to Liquorice All Sorts; it was no wonder that the collection went down a treat (no pun intended!).

Liquorice skirt and Dib-Dab shirt.

Cake wrapper dress embellished with silver beading.
I love the headpiece - very Milky Way!

Here are some more of my delicious favourites!

Tin foil candy wrapper top? And a meringue for a skirt!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Playlist/ Song for Summer #6

The song for today is one you are likely to be unfamiliar with. The band is The Hundred in The Hands, I first found them courtesy of a TV advert. Which, ironically, is how I find most of my new music.

This song is very indie, so if you dig that kind of scene you'll love this. Have a listen.

The Hundred in The Hands - Dressed in Dresden by blogenbois

Such a cool band and a beautiful song. Great for listening when on the move, like in a car or walking through the city.

Have a great day!


Track 1: Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air
Track 2: The Strokes - You Only Live Once
Track 3: Radical Face - Welcome Home
Track 4: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Yeah! New York
Track 5: Blur - Song 2

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Miu Miu/ Summer Collection

We're heading to the end of summer unfortuantely so while we are still in the season, I'm going to post the last of my summer posts on my blog here as well as on this blog where I am guest posting :)
Anyway, this post features my beloved brand Miu miu , the second line of Miuccia Prada and i love it. It's really inspirational with all the shiny colours and stars and swans. Here are a few photos from the collection.

Friday, 26 August 2011

The Reading List #2

Hey lovelies, it's Rachel! I've been having fun browsing the web and finding some amazing blogs. I'm really into vintage and retro antiques, eBay is stuffed full of crazy great items just waiting to be found. The downside is that I get bored easily and am too lazy to scour the web for hours on end to find these beautiful items. Sound familiar?

Thankfully there's a team of magpie eyed fashion fanatics out there to do all the hard work for us. It's My Cherry Picker, a blog devoted purely to the discovery and sharing of the best apparel eBay has to offer!

I highly recommend you pay them a visit, you might find things as stunning as these which were recently featured on My Cherry Picker:

Pretty gorgeous stuff: so edgy. Do check out My Cherry Picker, it's a time-saver.


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cupcake Power

Hi there! I have a huge obsession about cupcakes which I'd like to share with you! Cupcakes are pretty, yummy, and cute. They're perfect as something on t-shirts or jewellery, or a nice pair of socks Haha :) I ♥ Cupcakes! It's fun and changes from the usual styles people go for.

You see this style mostly in Japan where they refer to it as "Kawaii" fashion which means "cute", or just "fruit fashion" because it features lots of fruit, and all things yummy. I find it really adorable and pretty, as long as it doesn't go too over the top like Japanese kawaii girls (who are also called Sweet Lolita).

The main colours are pastels like pink, blue, purple, yellow, and green. It's very colourful.

Here are a few images to show you.

Playlist/ Song for Summer #5

Oh, it's a classic. It's oh so British, and most definitely timeless. Yup, you guessed it. Blur.

I love Blur. They're such a brilliant band. Damon Albarn, the lead singer, also founded another of my favourite bands. You may have seen them at Glastonbury last year with Snoop Dogg. What a performance!

 02 - Blur - Song 2 by xsones

Here's the Snoop Dogg collaboration with the Gorillaz for Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach. I couldn't find any good videos from Glastonbury itself, so here's the official video.

Yay, love you!

Previous Summer Tracks:

Track 1: Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air
Track 2: The Strokes - You Only Live Once
Track 3: Radical Face - Welcome Home
Track 4: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Yeah! New York

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Vintage Inspiration

Hey guys, I'm Emilie from The Fashion Factory Co and as Rachel told you in the interview, I will be writing some posts these 2 weeks while she is in the south of France (how lucky!). So, oui, I am French (currently living in france) and English and I love fashion.

So anyway, I have a thing for vintage clipart, even though I have never even talked about in my own blog (how strange). It's really inspirational and very pretty. And vintage colours are so...old, and I guess that's what makes vintage, well, Vintage, with a capital "V". It really reflects the vintage age and in most clipart, you find fashion. That's probably why so many fashion lovers like Vintage.

Hey...but where and when did Vintage come up? In the 1980s in France to appoint to Chanel, Dior, Paul Poiret,... clothes. Anyway here are some very pretty images.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Au Revoir l'Angleterre!

We are escaping from this dismal rain controlled country to the sunny 30° Celsius South of France. It's going to be a scorcher! If your living in England you can agree with me on this, its like Winter already; where has the sun gone?

While I'm away for two gorgeous weeks, a string of posts will keep you up do date on all things fashion. When I get back I will fill you in on all the fun in France. And lovely Emile will also be here with you doing some posts.

But for now,

Ciao. Or Au revoir!


Friday, 19 August 2011

I Give You...Emilie!

Hello ladies and gents. Yay! Another interview, you all seemed to enjoy getting to know Chelsea...well here's Emilie.

Emilie is the brain behind The Fashion Factory, the blog of a bilingual girl from France and England. She loves lace, music, the study of Ancient Egyptians and black and white photography. We have very similar tastes as you can see! Well in light of that she will be doing a guest post sometime in the future, as well as keeping you fashionably informed while I'm on holiday.

We thought we better introduce you before hand. So, here's Emilie!

The Interview

R: When did you know you had an interest in fashion?
E: I think i've always had an interest for fashion, as I keep finding childhood drawings and collages and notebooks with fashion things in them, but I would say that my real "fulltime" interest in fashion started about 3 years ago.

R: Would you like to have a career in fashion later, if yes, what would it be?
E:Yes i would, and it would be fashion journalist or designer. I wouldn't mind being a fashion photographer either, because i do like photography, but i'm not really experienced in the subject.

R: 5 words to describe your style?
E: Ermm...chic, modern, colourful, casual, and... light.

R: 3 things every girl should have in her wardrobe?
E: Light neutral ballerina flats, chic white cardigan, camel trousers. 

R: Where does your inspiration come from?
E: Reading Vogue and L'Officiel , going on fashion blogs and fashion websites, and when I go into big towns where all different fashions and outfits can flow freely in my mind. But one of the things that inspires me the most is art and history. So many things are expressed through paintings, and so many things remain unknown and inspiring in the history subject.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Playlist/ Song for Summer #4

It's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!! It wont be their only appearance on this playlist, that's a promise.

I have a thing for foreign songs or songs about distant cities. This is one I recently discovered. I have a great love for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs so when I heard this song in an advert then later googled the lyrics, I wasn't surprised it was by one of my favourite bands.

This song is very unknown, mainly because it was a bonus track for their UK Fever to Tell album buyers.


Previous Summer Tracks:

Track 1: Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air
Track 2: The Strokes - You Only Live Once
Track 3: Radical Face - Welcome Home

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Topshop Collection /New Mod

I am loving the trends for Autumn/Winter 2011, baby! Topshop is one of my most favourite shops and they do know how to please!

Their take on the Mod trend this year is beyond satisfactory, check it out.

Gasp! Fabulous prints and that knit, the leopard print
boots are the icing on the cake!

Loving the oversized knits, as always.
These capri's are brilliantly paired, gorgeous print.

It has a great mix of textures.

Monday, 15 August 2011

A Personal Favourite /Oversized Knits

No matter what season, no matter what temperature I can assure you a huge jumper will not be far away from me. I'm super glad that oversized knits and boyfriend cardigans are on trend this coming autumn, as you can never have enough jumpers.

We had an unfortunate accident at the house of Callender; two of my new teeshirts, and a pair of orange jeans got stained thanks to the bleeding colour of my Marc Jacobs shirt. My mum still feels really guilty and apparently I have to do my own washing now...sigh. Fearne Cotton works an oversized jumper brilliantly. 

Mum took me shopping to Kingston-upon-Thames to make it up to me. I wasn't really looking for anything specific but I do have a fetish for jumpers, it isn't surprising that I came home with two. I love the Zadig et Voltaire jumpers as modelled by Erin Wasoon, I want one so badly.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Playlist/ Song for Summer #3

Haven't done one of these in a while. This is another song from my Summer 2011 Playlist, an inspirational one at that!

You may have heard this in the Nikon advert; Part of it shows Robbie Williams on tour taking a photo of the crowd taking a photo of him. This song gives me shivers for sure!

It's Welcome Home by Radical Face, a song that's beyond beautiful and a favourite of mine.

Radical Face - Welcome Home by thomas_music

Liked it? Here's the advert I was talking about, so inspirational!

Great isn't it?! More great tunes on the way soon, hope you enjoyed!

Lotsa love.

Previous Summer Tracks:

Track 1: Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air
Track 2: The Strokes - You Only Live Once

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Outfit of the Day

Its strange but I'm seeing more and more autumn out and around, despite it being the middle of summer. This shows in what I'm wearing...

Cardigan:- H&M, Shirt:- Vero Moda Jeans, Jeans:- Zara,
 Deck shoes:- Timberland, Sunglasses:- Rayban

I like this shirt that I got in a sale at House of Fraser, the colours are so similar to the heather and grasses at the Black Lake. The Zara jeans are an old favourite of mine that I only recently rediscovered (all of my other jeans were in the wash). I love the cropped fit and side zip.


Photography by Des Callender. Copyright.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Inspiration/ Black & White

Torrential British rain is sliding down the windows, grey clouds are hanging ominously overhead. It's kicked up a notch, the droplets are bouncing of the pavements and thunder is echoing.

And its stopped now.

But the greyness inspired me to share some beautiful B&W pictures from across the web to brighten your day.





Friday, 5 August 2011

Lookbook: The Cobain Collection

Urban Outfitters truly is my favourite store in the UK, honestly! They have clothes that cater to all tastes, shapes and sizes.

Happily for me they have just released their Cobain inspired lookbook, named 'Come As You Are'. For those who don't know who Kurt Cobain was, it is him you should thank for the Grunge trend we dig, and have been for consecutive seasons. Kurt and his band, Nirvana were the creators of grunge; they inspired, and still do, generations.

Easily their most famous tune.

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit by Fenerium

Urban Outfitters selected items from their stock that they feel have the "teen spirit"; think bohemian prints, graphic tees, cutouts, bleached and dip-dyed fabrics, and plenty of crosses. Here are some of my favourite pieces.

Bitching & Junkfood Snakeskin Cross

As before.
Find here.

Underground Shoes Black Creepers.
Find here.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Hey Hey Hey!

I'm so sorry for being M.I.A recently, I've been out among nature camping. Yes, camping. Super glam. Anyways...I'm baaack, and with news!

I have a new blog, but no worries, it wont steal away my attention and focus. It's solely my photography where I post a picture that sums up my day, everyday. So when I look back in a couple years I will be able to remember my best and worst memories and learn from them.

Meet my memories at What I Forgot.

Have an inspiring week.

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