Friday, 22 July 2011

Inspiration/ End of School!

It was my last day of school as a year 9! All hard work and no play next year with the first exams for my GCSE's. This years passed so fast, don't you think? I'm off to France this summer so many of these pictures are kind of Parisian styled. Lots of pastels and florals, cant get enough.

Here's a collection of my inspirational pictures for the end of term, enjoy!





Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Playlist/ Song for Summer #2

This song only recently came to my attention after my school Activities Week, a week where you chose what you want to do. I chose to take Clothes Design for the first two days, then Audio Visual (Photography and Movie Making) for Wednesday and Thursday.

The teacher taking Audio Visual showed this video as an example of the types of music videos we could make. Forget the video, dig the song! I wanted to share the legendary video but sadly YouTube has disabled the Embed function. You can see the video here, though.

The Strokes - You Only Live Once by xarpi rio

It just makes me want to dance, how do you respond? A great summer tune!

See you soon.


Previous Summer Songs:

Track1: Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Reading List

There's been many great posts out in the blogesphere this week and it was a difficult decision to make, however there was a post that stood out.

CoutureLust posted a DIY not so long ago for Isabel Marant inspired pink lace-up shorts. These shorts were the apple of the eyes of everyone who saw the show; as a result they sold out lightning fast, at £140 on sites like Net-a-Porter. The price there was reduce to £70, but of course, sold out in equally short time.

CoutureLust came up with a way to give everyone a taste of Marant for much cheaper. This post was such a hit, that even the IFB network gave the DIY recognition in their Links a la Mode list.

To read CoutureLust's DIY for Isabel Marant shorts click here. Why wouldn't you want Isabel Marant look shorts?

If you are doing the DIY check out New Look for cheap denim pink shorts, they're £7 in the sale!


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Playlist/ Song for Summer #1

I'm feeling increasingly summer-y as the days blur by one by one, counting down to the summer holidays!

Music is a major part of my life: I think I have quite a varied taste in music. I tend to stray away from the chart topping songs which people like just because they're popular. Brit-pop and Alternative Rock however is constantly a part of my playlist. Which brings me to this post. I would like to share with you my Summer Playlist 2011. I will post a song that's like a stuck record in my brain, a really inspiring tune that I think you'd love just as much as I do.

#1: Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air

You just must see Friendly Fires live performance at Glastonbury of this tune, I hope you love it as much as I do!



Am I the only person who is obsessed with Sky's new series of Hawaii Five-O??

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

T4OTB: Festival Fashion

I was a very lucky girl last weekend, I went to my first festival, T4OTB on Weston Super-Mare. My friend Hannah and I bopped to McFly, Olly Murs,The Wombats, Jason Derulo, Chipmunk, and many other great artists. Music and fashion were born to coexist, the evidence is seen at the scenes similar to T4 On the Beach.

Here are some of my pictures of the wonderful fashion at the event!

Messy buns!!! My every-other-day accessory, great for laid back festival looks.

Daisy headbands and other flowers give a blatantly hippie look to an outfit, so festival chic. 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Techno Couture

Valentino's new pret-a-porter collection manages to bring Couture into wearable everyday pieces.

A frequent appearance of rose-like appliqué and effortless looking structure is the key feature of the collection.


Monday, 4 July 2011

Chanel Resort 2011 Analysis - #2 The Details

The details of each piece, outfit and look are what bring a collection together. Karl Lagerfeld used a series of design techniques to pull the Chanel Resort Collection together and make it correspond, which is how collection are formed - by the correspondence of pieces. In this installation of the Chanel Resort 2011 Analysis, I will cover the details used in the clothes as well as in make-up: the small details that have a big impact on the way the collection is seen. If you missed part one, find it here.

The Clothes

Fine chained glass beaded jewellery and Chanel silver hand chains connecting to a ring on the middle finger.

The fine necklaces around the models neck use the same beads as the trim around the shoulder straps and around the waist, hips and matching bracelets.

I love the medallions built into the dress under the bust, teamed with  a shell beaded necklace.

Chanel Resort 2011 Analysis - #1 The Collection

I've just spent the weekend sailing with my close friend. I have no sailing skills but was aboard with three day skippers. My friend and her family are Beatles lovers, so when I discovered their yacht was named "Hey Jude", I was surprised it was a second hand. We sailed to Port Solent from Chichester Marina; Port Solent is so posh it has its own Odeon Cinema, shopping district and David Lloyd gym! Anyways, while I was taking in the rows upon rows of gorgeous yachts, I began to reminisce...of Chanels' Cruise Collection 2011 that took place at a marina in Saint-Tropez, the cast of models arriving by speed boat or motorbike.

If you missed the stunning collection, here are some of my favourite outfits.

Okay this is definitely my favourite look, the leather bag, vest top with matching
skirt, wide brimmed hat, chunky jewellery and gold gladiators. Love!! 

The traditional cushioned bag and beautiful tailoring show this is a Chanel.

Sequins, beading and halter-neck; gorgeous drop waist silhouette.

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