Thursday, 13 January 2011

They Only Want You When Your 17...

...When your 21, your no fun
    They take your Polaroid and let you go
    Then they'll let you go
    So come on.

Seventeen by Ladytron

Polaroid. Used daily in fashion, from modelling to editorial. Polaroid's allow you to freely and easily express your creativity and freedom. I was thinking of how much I want to get my Polaroid taken when I found these beauties on the Polaroid website.

And whom of all the fashion industries nutty icons is the Creative Director of Polaroid, you ask?? Oh, just Lady Gaga. The Collaboration between Polaroid and Lady Gaga is magical. These glasses allow you to share your freedom of creativity through a pair of technological specs. 

I always dream of having a photographic memory, with every blink of an eye a different beautiful shot. With these glasses in production, technology as we know it has been reborn. 
  • Fashion and photography have always been intertwined but this is the only product which they have both merged in to become one single product.
  • You can instantly capture images through your glasses.
  • Show your shots to friends through the LCD screens built in to the glasses lens.

I want these so bad but just thinking of how much they'll cost kills me!

GL20 Camera Glasses from Polaroid are being released for sale later this year.

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