Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Product Spotlight/ Christmas Special!

Hello there! I have just discovered a wonderful online shopping haven and was debating whether I should let you in on the secret of its existence. Being the nice person that I am (Ha!), considering its the season for giving and such, I guess I should spill the beans...

This relatively young store was founded in 2007 and has a similar aesthetic to that of my beloved Urban Outfitters, which is why I'm understandably excited by this brand. Their latest A/W Womens lookbook is christened the same Nirvana title as a previous lookbook of UO's! That's how similar they are.

I wont lie, some of this stuff is quite expensive by my standards but bear in mind that the majority of brands are well-know designers, creating high-quality products. I've been snooping and have found some brilliant merchandise that I'd be over the moon to discover under my Christmas tree, here they are!

What do you think? I adore the tapestry backpack, it looks so vintage and that Comme Des Garcons jacket is so on trend for next season where sportswear rules.

What's on your wishlist?  I am in dire need of some decent headphones and would love get the new Nikon J1 but the likely hood of that happening is positively zilch. Oh well! Christmas isn't about the presents anyways.What does Christmas mean to you?

Have a very merry Christmas!



  1. Great ideas...thanks for sharing!


  2. Merry Christmas...

    Or as you UK folks like to say, Happy Christmas.

  3. Hahahah i have the same feeling as you..sometimes i found a little cool internet jewell and i justwant to keep it for myself! hahahha
    Nice of you ;)


  4. that was so nice of you to let is in on this store. the tapestry backpack is amazing! Merry belated Christmas!



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