Friday, 2 December 2011

Brands/ Cheap Monday

Thank you Cheap Monday for blessing up with soft cotton tee-shirts, for making skulls look cool, and allowing nature to do its bit for fashion.

Affordable Swedish brand Cheap Monday began life in 2004 as an alternative for people who wanted fashionable jeans but not at such high prices. Now from such humble beginnings, Cheap Monday has exploded and can now be found in over 35 countries and 1800 stores worldwide, just look for the iconic Skull logo. The thing I love most about the brand is how it seems to capture the Swedish culture, as shown by the parties they hold to celebrate releases.

Now Cheap Monday has two dedicated stores, one in our very own London branch of Selfridges! They celebrated with a rather interesting looking shindig. The Swedes must be getting on well with us Brits as Cheap Monday are soon to be opening another store on the legendary Carnaby street!

In June of this year Cheap Monday introduced their line of jeans "Customised by Nature." The team left Cheap Monday jeans in three different locations in Sweden to be worn by the weather: on the roof of their roof, in the woods near Stockholm and in the dirt on the west coast. Thus creating unique pairs of jeans. These jeans go on tour, currently in Paris in a treehouse, as a concept store for the World to see. 

Today Cheap Monday carry many collections for men and women as well as three in-season drops/season. The collections also include baby, accessories, glasses and from AW-11 also shoes and underwear. Here are some of my favourite pieces in their current collections. 

The general colour scheme's and styles of Cheap Monday products can, in my opinion, suit anyone. 

What do you think?


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