Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Collaborations/ Marni x H&M

Guess whose next....Marni! With some rather big heels to fill, Marni has signed-up as H&M’s next creative collaborator after Versace's success. The Italian brand will create a spring collection for the retailer that will showcase a match-and-clash line up of its signature print and pattern. The deal will include menswear, womenswear and accessories. 

Marni’s creative director and founder Consuelo Castiglioni says that the collection will consist of her trademark tribal prints with Bauhaus inspired graphics, forming a sporty, utilitarian mood. She added: "I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all our favourite pieces in signature fabrics and prints.” The womenswear is all about vivid colours and bold prints, with inspiration coming from tribal African designs and simple colour blocks. Key pieces are typically Marni: full pleated skirts, cropped trousers and jacquard knits teamed with dresses made from fabrics ranging from silk to crisp cotton poplin. 

Accompanying the clothes will be jewellery, scarves, shoes and bags. The use of African tribal patterns and overworked batik styled blocks of zigzag and circular prints in green and brown feature on skirts and halter necks whilst bold inky blue circled print is used on a clean lined jackets and skirts. The menswear will be subtler with softened colours and washed down fabrics will less loud prints and contrasting trims. A multi-striped men’s knit comes in blue, black and grey. 

Castiglioni revealed that she is very proud of the resulting collection, adding that the collections purpose is to “speak to a wider audience and younger generation.” H&M creative advisor Magareta van den Bosch says that the look will be playful but chic, concluding that “It’s fantastic to see how Consuelo Castiglioni coordinates her design, matching new combinations of print and colour.” The range is set to hit about 260 stores worldwide on March 8, 2012. Cant wait!

Too excited for words? Take a sneek peek at what's coming up:



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  2. Definitely looking forward to this! It seems that so many designers have really grounded themselves and the "image" of their brand to appeal and connect to a broader range of consumers. It really opens a new door of style to people who wouldn't have been exposed otherwise; something that can certainly be appreciated!

  3. wow I truely love this blog so modern im sure it will be part of my daily clicks!

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  4. Can't wait to see the full collection, sounds amazing!
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  5. I can already see that this is one colaboration that i would love!!!! Sadly there´s no H&M in my country... whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!????



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