Thursday, 17 November 2011

Inspiration/ Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

I'm a book-aholic, sue me! Anything with text, I'm on it. I have loved reading since a young age: books, book shops...that enchanting smell, magazines, newspapers. The sad thing is, no one reads the printed word anymore, especially the majority of my generation. We have e-readers, iPads and other tablet-y things to keep us occupied.

But despite that I try to make time to read, I have a wall covered with books so, when I had some free time in the half term, I seized the opportunity and re-read one of my old favourites: Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, also now a film series starring the lovely Blake Lively, from Gossip Girl (another great book series) and America Ferrera (Ugly Betty, which is sincerely missed I must add). The books follow four friends that have been together since, well, before birth as their mothers shared an antenatal group. The girls are going to be separated for their first summer ever. After finding a pair of pants (loveable jeans) that miraculously fits each girl despite them being all different shapes and sizes, they deem them magical. To keep the girls together despite being far away from each other, they send the 'travelling pants' among the group with a letter telling the most exciting moment that has happened in the pants.

I loved this series because they show how denim has changed the way we dress, we all have that favourite pair of jeans and the idea of sharing them with the people you love is really sweet. Shame that no one would do that in modern society. That inspired me to write this.

So jeans...

Source: Original Ego

Who doesn't own a pair? Denim came from small beginnings, these days that humble cotton plant, who was named after its origin: Nimes in France by the Andre family. It had elbowed its way into American culture, and since the late 18th century, has been a wardrobe staple for men, women, and children alike. Now the traditional indigo denim is not enough! Purple, orange, red, green...we have so much freedom of choice. I don't know where I'd be without my go-to pair of jeans.

Over the years we've developed different styles and shapes, but there are some decades that gave us our favourite fits: like the Skinny, the Baggy and the Flared.

Thank you 60's and 70's for your flared creations, not to mention dungarees! These Topshop beauties are to die for. The downside to dungarees is that they aren't the most versatile purchase. I bought a pair of Calvin Kleins' and rarely wear them. When I do, I go for the arty/geek chic look, featuring a loose topknot, thick-rimmed black glasses - maybe pop a pencil in the bib pocket.

High waisted, tight straight legged 80's fit, still with a bit of a flare. Think America, think double denim and some acid washing. I love the blue of this pair from Bulga, the creases really hold the shape tight to the leg, but they still flatter you.


90's gave us baggies and skinnies, a very productive decade indeed. Button down shirts, torn trousers - grungy. Gotta love the grunge. The best thing about skinnies are that they are so versatile. I recently placed a poll on the IFB, and you can guess who came top for the favourite style of jeans. Dress Me Perfect says that "skinnies look chic day and night. Fab with high heels, sandals, boots and stilletos!" I must agree. The 90's gave us jeans in a whole spectrum of colours.

So remember when your sliding into your favourite jeans, that pioneering Andre family who are responsible for that beloved piece of denim you hold...and say a silent word of thanks.

Love Rachel.

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  1. Aww i used to be a reader.. then gorwing older i become too lazy.. but i´ve seen that movie, and it´s great.
    On another note... Idk what would be my life if denim wouldn´t exist, since they´re my everyday wear!!!! I own too many pairs of them hahah. Such a versatile piece. So thanks Andre! for creating them.



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