Thursday, 13 October 2011

Product Spotlight/ Topshop

I'm going to start featuring one of my favourite pieces to hit the shops each Thursday, today is from my favourite stores ever! Topshop!

What goes around comes back around said many a man, including Justin Timberlake. This definitely relates to fashion as well, with the Mod trend that I love so much being a huge success.

Topshop rock the Mod scene as I've said before, this new piece is scoring high in my books for sure!

The contrasting black and grey has a great geometric effect if you look at the jumper from different angles, I saw this in the store and fell in love!

Pair it with these glamorous yet indie velvet shorts and some radical circular sunnies and your in business!



  1. I wish there was a topshop in my country... or not, i would probably go broke! hahah
    I love that sweater too, great pick!



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