Saturday, 29 October 2011

Photography/ Faded

I really am into this far away feeling that is featuring in many photographs these days. That faded distance that gives the viewer the feeling of intimacy between them and the picture, as if your seeing into every inch of the subjects mind and life. Its great to be able to get your viewers to relate to your image in such a way.

Here are some breathtaking examples I just love!

I'm bit of an anti-Beiber, but this is just
plain straight adorable!

Scrumptious, right?



  1. I didn´t even realized it was beiber on that picture. Anyway i love the mod this pictures have! You made quite great choices to probe it!


  2. It's super easy to get the effect, all you have to do if you have a manual film camera is open up the aperture more so. this letts in more light and makes the photo seem more faded and light. :D love the blogging keep it up xx

  3. The photo of the panda and bear couple just made my day. Too, too cute.

  4. Beautiful inspirational photos! I love the feel of them!


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