Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Inspiration/ Autumn

Busy, busy autumn months. Exams so soon, tired and achy. Music is the only thing keeping my head above water...and the prospect of going to the Clothes Show Live as a school trip! 

I think everyone is feeling kind of downtrodden with work and school at this part of the season, so to cheer us up I have some music, videos and as usual, amazing photos to help us see the positive side of autumn, or completely ignore  it and reminisce of summer.

Really...it's not all that bad! Think of the huge chunky knits you can wear...

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Copyright Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey Photography (she's great by the way!)

01 Jump In the Pool

God I love that Beck song, such an amazing bass!


P.S Dont forget the giveaway!

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  1. AHHH OH MY GOSH I LOVE THE PHOTOS (not just mine) they are awesome, i love your blog so so much. It's so sweet of you to mention me :P n'aww. Keep it up, i love your blog


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