Sunday, 23 October 2011

Collection/ 55DSL: Kids in Italia Part 1

Fashion is not just clothes, bags, make-up and the rest of it. Its a statement and a lifestyle. 55DSL, the Italian offshoot of the Diesel we all know and love, understands this. Their amazing F/W Collection just breathes comfort and functionality, you cant really wear a meat dress for day to day life. Fashion isn't just for the famous.

To illustrate how wearable the collection is, Vice teamed up with 55DSL to make a series of videos with a few of Italy's young creatives' who wore pieces from the F/W collection each day. They trailed around after the artists to get an insight of what the urban scene is like in modern Italy.

The first of the two films followed photographer Lele Saveri returning to his home town and a Sicilian village to collect images for his upcoming book.

You get the rare opportunity from this series to see into a small town Sicilian tradition, learn about the Italian culture and new music obsessions. Here's the first video!

In the next part of this post I will introduce you to the two 55DSL girls, Giulia From Above and Elisa Bee,  both DJ's on the Italian club scene. Stay tuned!


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