Saturday, 29 October 2011

Photography/ Faded

I really am into this far away feeling that is featuring in many photographs these days. That faded distance that gives the viewer the feeling of intimacy between them and the picture, as if your seeing into every inch of the subjects mind and life. Its great to be able to get your viewers to relate to your image in such a way.

Here are some breathtaking examples I just love!

I'm bit of an anti-Beiber, but this is just
plain straight adorable!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Product Spotlight/ Your Eyes Lie

Home of indie-ish clothing and cult brands, Your Eyes Lies is the place for aesthetics you wont find anywhere else. Think tie-dyed Levis, studs galore and of course your eccentric animal jewellery.

One of the things I love them most for is their digital print products, especially this beauty...

The Galaxy print vest is something you cant find anywhere else, believe me, I've tried. I love the colour and cut of the vest, not forgetting that bleached quality. Its something that could be easily integrated into anyone's  wardrobe.

If I was lucky enough to own that lovely vest I'd pair it with...

Love those quirky rings and the studded, acid washed shorts!


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Collection/ 55DSL: Kids in Italia Part 1

Fashion is not just clothes, bags, make-up and the rest of it. Its a statement and a lifestyle. 55DSL, the Italian offshoot of the Diesel we all know and love, understands this. Their amazing F/W Collection just breathes comfort and functionality, you cant really wear a meat dress for day to day life. Fashion isn't just for the famous.

To illustrate how wearable the collection is, Vice teamed up with 55DSL to make a series of videos with a few of Italy's young creatives' who wore pieces from the F/W collection each day. They trailed around after the artists to get an insight of what the urban scene is like in modern Italy.

The first of the two films followed photographer Lele Saveri returning to his home town and a Sicilian village to collect images for his upcoming book.

You get the rare opportunity from this series to see into a small town Sicilian tradition, learn about the Italian culture and new music obsessions. Here's the first video!

In the next part of this post I will introduce you to the two 55DSL girls, Giulia From Above and Elisa Bee,  both DJ's on the Italian club scene. Stay tuned!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Product Spotlight/ Urban Outfitters

Another hige trend for Autumn/Winter this year is Chelsea boots, of all colours, shapes and heights. For all horse riders this is one less thing to cross of your shopping list! The ones I'm sharing today are partly made of the material for A/W...velvet!

These platform Chelsea boots are just to die for. The colour the shape, the on-trend toe cap...daymn. Deena & Ozzy know how to make a boot! 

Pair with something geometric like these monochrome leggings and a simple tee.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Product Spotlight/ Topshop

I'm going to start featuring one of my favourite pieces to hit the shops each Thursday, today is from my favourite stores ever! Topshop!

What goes around comes back around said many a man, including Justin Timberlake. This definitely relates to fashion as well, with the Mod trend that I love so much being a huge success.

Topshop rock the Mod scene as I've said before, this new piece is scoring high in my books for sure!

The contrasting black and grey has a great geometric effect if you look at the jumper from different angles, I saw this in the store and fell in love!

Pair it with these glamorous yet indie velvet shorts and some radical circular sunnies and your in business!


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Inspiration/ Autumn

Busy, busy autumn months. Exams so soon, tired and achy. Music is the only thing keeping my head above water...and the prospect of going to the Clothes Show Live as a school trip! 

I think everyone is feeling kind of downtrodden with work and school at this part of the season, so to cheer us up I have some music, videos and as usual, amazing photos to help us see the positive side of autumn, or completely ignore  it and reminisce of summer.'s not all that bad! Think of the huge chunky knits you can wear...

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Copyright Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey Photography (she's great by the way!)

01 Jump In the Pool

God I love that Beck song, such an amazing bass!


P.S Dont forget the giveaway!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Giveaway/ From Zalando with Love

Hello everyone. I don't know about you but the sudden return of summer to England has got me in a great mood. I love the warmth of summer rays, they do your skin all the good in the world. But with Winter fast approaching, giving your skin the care it needs becomes a challenge.

As a thank you for your great support I bought some great products from Zalando. I first found the German shoe company through Twitter as one of my followers. Turns out not only do they sell a wide range of great designer shoes like these really cute clog/ankle boots from Swedish Hasbeens, but also a variety of great clothes, accessories and beauty products. Zalando have some really great products, a new shopping hub for me!

So up for grabs for you is a selection of one of the best brands in skincare's products, Burts Bees Head to Toe Kit and a high quality nail varnish from Uslu Airlines!!

To enter you must do the following:

1. Be a follower of The Fashion Edition via Google Connect (sorry Bloglovin' followers)
2. Live in the United Kingdom
3.Leave a comment on this post with your favourite summer memory so I know you want in and your blog address/contact information!
4. I will enter all names into a randomiser after the final applicant date.
5. I will let you know if you've won via your contact information and send your present to you asap, free of charge!


I cant wait to hear your favourite summer memories, so I will leave you with a Song for Summer just to keep with the mood! 

06 Something Good Can Work by Maggie Weiland

Love Rachel

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