Sunday, 25 September 2011

Celebrities/ Brigitte Bardot: The Collection

Well here I am reading my French Grazia, pretty chuffed that I can understand snippets of text. I finished the magazine but not before an advert caught my eye and nearly made me spit out my cup of green tea.

Remember... you heard it here first! (unless you read French Grazia!)

You see, Brigitte Bardot has brought out a collection. My mother was shocked, she thought Brigitte was dead! Evidently not. Brigitte Bardot the collection with be going public for RTW S/S 2012!

I'm expecting boho skirts and fun 60's pieces, I will keep you updated with the developments with the French icons collection!



Sadly I must inform you that the Brigitte Bardot I was so hyped a hoax! Or rather a great deception...The line in fact is an offshoot of the delightful Rachel Zoe's collection, completely inspired by the legendary singer Bardot.

Still exciting stuff!!


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