Sunday, 21 August 2011

Vintage Inspiration

Hey guys, I'm Emilie from The Fashion Factory Co and as Rachel told you in the interview, I will be writing some posts these 2 weeks while she is in the south of France (how lucky!). So, oui, I am French (currently living in france) and English and I love fashion.

So anyway, I have a thing for vintage clipart, even though I have never even talked about in my own blog (how strange). It's really inspirational and very pretty. And vintage colours are so...old, and I guess that's what makes vintage, well, Vintage, with a capital "V". It really reflects the vintage age and in most clipart, you find fashion. That's probably why so many fashion lovers like Vintage.

Hey...but where and when did Vintage come up? In the 1980s in France to appoint to Chanel, Dior, Paul Poiret,... clothes. Anyway here are some very pretty images.

Isn't that so pretty? ;)

Emilie xoxo

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  1. I really liked your pretty images! Thank you for your comments. Of course I would love to follow each other. Following you.. Dont forget to follow me back:-)
    Ask Erena


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