Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Topshop Collection /New Mod

I am loving the trends for Autumn/Winter 2011, baby! Topshop is one of my most favourite shops and they do know how to please!

Their take on the Mod trend this year is beyond satisfactory, check it out.

Gasp! Fabulous prints and that knit, the leopard print
boots are the icing on the cake!

Loving the oversized knits, as always.
These capri's are brilliantly paired, gorgeous print.

It has a great mix of textures.

Digging the creepers and classic contrasting colours
and prints.

Contrasting colours and ditsy prints hit the trend on the head.

I love this boyish look, bright trousers and varsity jacket.
A total new take on the preppy college look.

I love the masculine shape of the vest/blazer
paired with the dog tooth check skirt.

Good old reliable Topshop. Such awesome prints and to-die-for knits. You cant beat Topshop knits, that's for sure.

Dear Sir Philip Green,

I am in love with your company, especially the beautiful knits your design team release each season. I was just wondering if you could create a unique position for me? Maybe I could trial out all your new jumpers and cardigans to review them before they hit the stores, that way you know whether or not you have a solid project.

Just an idea.




  1. hahhaahaah lol loved the letter!
    I wasn´t convinced with the first picture you showed.. thank good i read more and i loved the next ones!!! Tell Sir Green to dend me some sweaters too! hahah


  2. hahah you make me laugh with your comment! Thnks! I´ll take your word for it.. second and forth sweater on the pics already picked for me ah! ;)



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