Friday, 26 August 2011

The Reading List #2

Hey lovelies, it's Rachel! I've been having fun browsing the web and finding some amazing blogs. I'm really into vintage and retro antiques, eBay is stuffed full of crazy great items just waiting to be found. The downside is that I get bored easily and am too lazy to scour the web for hours on end to find these beautiful items. Sound familiar?

Thankfully there's a team of magpie eyed fashion fanatics out there to do all the hard work for us. It's My Cherry Picker, a blog devoted purely to the discovery and sharing of the best apparel eBay has to offer!

I highly recommend you pay them a visit, you might find things as stunning as these which were recently featured on My Cherry Picker:

Pretty gorgeous stuff: so edgy. Do check out My Cherry Picker, it's a time-saver.



  1. That's such a great timesaver for me as well! Thank you for sharing! xoxoxoo

  2. Cool blog! Please check out mine and follow! I will follow yours back!! Feel free to leave a comment as well!!

  3. I know the blog through IFB, they´ve got great selections.. i whished i leved in UK to be able to buy somethingggggg!!!!



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