Sunday, 28 August 2011

Miu Miu/ Summer Collection

We're heading to the end of summer unfortuantely so while we are still in the season, I'm going to post the last of my summer posts on my blog here as well as on this blog where I am guest posting :)
Anyway, this post features my beloved brand Miu miu , the second line of Miuccia Prada and i love it. It's really inspirational with all the shiny colours and stars and swans. Here are a few photos from the collection.

I especially love the silky shiny dresses and the glittery shoes. The ads are especially beautiful too. Miuccia Prada said she wanted this collection to be about everybody's obssession with being famous, so the portrait of this collection is a woman who overpowers her shyness to bring out who she is, but with a touch of difference from the others. What's not to like ?

Emilie xoxo

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  1. All you have to do is look at he alluring hair and amazing body and you are looking so nice. I like your style


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