Friday, 19 August 2011

I Give You...Emilie!

Hello ladies and gents. Yay! Another interview, you all seemed to enjoy getting to know Chelsea...well here's Emilie.

Emilie is the brain behind The Fashion Factory, the blog of a bilingual girl from France and England. She loves lace, music, the study of Ancient Egyptians and black and white photography. We have very similar tastes as you can see! Well in light of that she will be doing a guest post sometime in the future, as well as keeping you fashionably informed while I'm on holiday.

We thought we better introduce you before hand. So, here's Emilie!

The Interview

R: When did you know you had an interest in fashion?
E: I think i've always had an interest for fashion, as I keep finding childhood drawings and collages and notebooks with fashion things in them, but I would say that my real "fulltime" interest in fashion started about 3 years ago.

R: Would you like to have a career in fashion later, if yes, what would it be?
E:Yes i would, and it would be fashion journalist or designer. I wouldn't mind being a fashion photographer either, because i do like photography, but i'm not really experienced in the subject.

R: 5 words to describe your style?
E: Ermm...chic, modern, colourful, casual, and... light.

R: 3 things every girl should have in her wardrobe?
E: Light neutral ballerina flats, chic white cardigan, camel trousers. 

R: Where does your inspiration come from?
E: Reading Vogue and L'Officiel , going on fashion blogs and fashion websites, and when I go into big towns where all different fashions and outfits can flow freely in my mind. But one of the things that inspires me the most is art and history. So many things are expressed through paintings, and so many things remain unknown and inspiring in the history subject.

R: Who would you like to meet in the fashion world and why?
E:Any designer, especially Marc jacobs! He seems like such a casual, fun, sympathetic man! And Karl Lagerfeld. But other than designers, I'd love to meet Anna Wintour, chief-editor of Vogue US.

R: What's your view in the fashion industry/what do you think of it?
E: I think that it's another world, another industry. Either you know fashion or you don't. And by knowing I don't just mean know to recite 50 designers off by heart, actually knowing how you make those clothes, how Vogue and other magazines are made, etc.. Most girls think they love fashion because they know and have all the brands. That's just being shallow and narrow minded.

R: When you wake up in the morning and get dressed, how do you think it out ? Do you spend ages planning what you're going to wear, prepare it the day before, or pick out something randomly?
E: I don't spend ages, or prepare my clothes the night before, but I don't really pick randomnly though. Well, it depends what you call randomly. I probably spend 3 minutes at least deciding on what I'm going to wear. Since I've been really interested in fashion, I take some time to accessorize my outfits.

R: What advice would you give to other fashion bloggers?
E:I'm not very experienced yet to be honest, but I'd say that since I've been blogging, to express yourself with what you really think, and write about what you and only you like that's what makes your fashion blog unique. Honestly, if every fashion blogger writes about the same things like usual fashion updates and that sort of things, then fashion blogs would have no point. And also, interact with other bloggers and keep in touch with your readers, make conversation, get to know people, and don't be scared to give out advice and your opinion even if that blog is nearly perfect. Interacting with others is what got me and Rachel guest posting and talking about things we both like!

I hope your looking forward to her little takeover, I find it positively exciting!

Have a nice day!


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