Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cupcake Power

Hi there! I have a huge obsession about cupcakes which I'd like to share with you! Cupcakes are pretty, yummy, and cute. They're perfect as something on t-shirts or jewellery, or a nice pair of socks Haha :) I ♥ Cupcakes! It's fun and changes from the usual styles people go for.

You see this style mostly in Japan where they refer to it as "Kawaii" fashion which means "cute", or just "fruit fashion" because it features lots of fruit, and all things yummy. I find it really adorable and pretty, as long as it doesn't go too over the top like Japanese kawaii girls (who are also called Sweet Lolita).

The main colours are pastels like pink, blue, purple, yellow, and green. It's very colourful.

Here are a few images to show you.

If you liked these then go to :    http://www.chicksrule.co.uk/

Emilie xoxo


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