Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Reading List

There's been many great posts out in the blogesphere this week and it was a difficult decision to make, however there was a post that stood out.

CoutureLust posted a DIY not so long ago for Isabel Marant inspired pink lace-up shorts. These shorts were the apple of the eyes of everyone who saw the show; as a result they sold out lightning fast, at £140 on sites like Net-a-Porter. The price there was reduce to £70, but of course, sold out in equally short time.

CoutureLust came up with a way to give everyone a taste of Marant for much cheaper. This post was such a hit, that even the IFB network gave the DIY recognition in their Links a la Mode list.

To read CoutureLust's DIY for Isabel Marant shorts click here. Why wouldn't you want Isabel Marant look shorts?

If you are doing the DIY check out New Look for cheap denim pink shorts, they're £7 in the sale!


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  1. LOVING THE BLOG! Havent heard everlongs acoustic :O need too, the band was called Braids and the song was Plath Heart, Take a look at them on youtube their amazing! xx


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