Monday, 4 July 2011

Chanel Resort 2011 Analysis - #1 The Collection

I've just spent the weekend sailing with my close friend. I have no sailing skills but was aboard with three day skippers. My friend and her family are Beatles lovers, so when I discovered their yacht was named "Hey Jude", I was surprised it was a second hand. We sailed to Port Solent from Chichester Marina; Port Solent is so posh it has its own Odeon Cinema, shopping district and David Lloyd gym! Anyways, while I was taking in the rows upon rows of gorgeous yachts, I began to reminisce...of Chanels' Cruise Collection 2011 that took place at a marina in Saint-Tropez, the cast of models arriving by speed boat or motorbike.

If you missed the stunning collection, here are some of my favourite outfits.

Okay this is definitely my favourite look, the leather bag, vest top with matching
skirt, wide brimmed hat, chunky jewellery and gold gladiators. Love!! 

The traditional cushioned bag and beautiful tailoring show this is a Chanel.

Sequins, beading and halter-neck; gorgeous drop waist silhouette.

Horizontal stripes are frequent in this resort collection.
I love how some of the stripes are patterned. 

Typically Parisian colour scheme.

Great cutouts and beaded anklets. The model is looking very Brigitte Bardot. 
That's not a bad thing!

The silhouette of this dress is super.
Lace ruching creates sections to give the dress shape.

Another example of classic tailoring with a low cut twist.
The shoulders balance out the figure perfectly.

Another look using that lace trim that was earlier used for ruching, the suede
wrapped around the waist brings great shape to the dress and definition to the waist.

The fabric contributes to the flow of the fabric.
 The sneaky Chanel motif, among the print.

I love the tailored denim look trousers with subtle embroidery at the feet.
Again, the subtle Chanel motif.

This block colour outfit paired with the chequered bag and bare feet
gives a casual air to the collection.

Again, very simple and an understated design but the cleverly positioned
details draw the eye to the areas Karl wanted the viewers to focus on.
E.g the chequered underside of the hat draws the eye to the face.

I like how the shawl and skirt of the dress are of the same fabric and of equal
Pepto-Bismol colour.

My favourite look!
The casual shape of the garment and candyfloss colours tie in with the great sandals.

The techniques Karl used in this outfit also draw the eye to certain areas.

The floral print and straw bag are perfectly paired, again the ankle chains.

Again, beautiful detailing with beads matching those on the necklace.

The same print on the bell-sleeved blouse match perfectly with the
traditional Chanel tweed with the leopard belt trim that matches
the trim on the watch on the models left wrist. 

I love this outfit for the matching prints of different materials and weights.

This dress is similar to a previous one shown, but I can hardly remember
because of the lighter print.

This outfit uses light materials and well-positioned slits to create this float-away
dress. The sandals that were shown earlier are stunning.
Stay tuned to find out where to find similar ones in stock today.

The use of chequers throughout this collection has been subtle, that still
remains with this faded version.

This bolder chequering on the bikini works exceptionally well with the
frill details.

This look has great sleeves and more subtle details.

I love this look because of the colour of the denim,the great cuffs and
the beautiful belt. 

For the next part of the Chanel Cruise Analysis stay tuned. We'll be covering the make-up and small details that tie the collection together, then we will cover the pieces that help you achieve the Chanel Resort looks.

Edit: Find Part #2 here!


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