Monday, 4 July 2011

Chanel Resort 2011 Analysis - #2 The Details

The details of each piece, outfit and look are what bring a collection together. Karl Lagerfeld used a series of design techniques to pull the Chanel Resort Collection together and make it correspond, which is how collection are formed - by the correspondence of pieces. In this installation of the Chanel Resort 2011 Analysis, I will cover the details used in the clothes as well as in make-up: the small details that have a big impact on the way the collection is seen. If you missed part one, find it here.

The Clothes

Fine chained glass beaded jewellery and Chanel silver hand chains connecting to a ring on the middle finger.

The fine necklaces around the models neck use the same beads as the trim around the shoulder straps and around the waist, hips and matching bracelets.

I love the medallions built into the dress under the bust, teamed with  a shell beaded necklace.

The straw shoulder bag is perfectly matched with the colour tones of the floral print. I adore the cascading  netted chandelier necklace with shell pieces matching the bracelets.

The chunky and double charm necklaces also match the bracelets perfectly. I love the saddle bag with contrasting trim. 

They say pearls make girls, right? This image perfectly shows the amount of detail put into the skirt of this dress. You can see the Chanel motif hanging from the necklace, a favourite among Chanel fans.

On the bell sleeved blouse you can see the Chanel motif again; this frequent occurrence holds the collection together. From the matching print neck scarf to the chunky bangles and watches, any other outfit with this amount of accessories would be too busy. However, this look still really works.

Using the same print as a previous look is a trick used by many designers; the medallion style belt also contributes to the coherence of the collection as the medallion was previously featured as a necklace.

This look is a favourite of mine because of its silhouette. Beautiful trim and a suede belt that draws the eye to the waist, a vintage inspired brooch and ring; they give great shape to the dress and bring the eye to specific places.

This swimsuit uses the same netted chain technique as the chandelier necklace, similar to the charm hand chains. 

The dresses' horizontal black, cream and white stripes match the necklaces two tone beads.

Lace, beading, sequins, trim and cushioning details. 

The candyfloss colours: the suede shoes match the pink of the horizontals stripes and the caramel of the leather bag does also. 

I love the Pepto-Bismol colours of this look, the perfectly shaped  halter and the most awesome textured material.

The cropped jacket and high-waisted trousers with full body beaded chains; the chains connect the belt to the necklace.

I love the belt brooch details which match a brooch shown earlier. If you look closer at the denim jeans you can see knot looking embroidery. 

These bubblegum coloured sandals are carried frequently by models, since they made
the show casual by going bare footed. These are super stunning, stay tuned for part
three where I show you how to get the look yourself.
Here you can see among the print, the subtle Chanel motif.

The Make-up

Chanels' make-up artists applied two layers of mascara to both the top and
bottom lashes. Here you can see how the models hair was clipped back and, presumably,
sprayed to hold the style in place away from face. 

Fresh faced simplicity paved the Chanel make-up scene.
By taking a leaf out of  the backstage make-up artist you can enhance your
 natural looks to feel more beautiful in  yourself. 

The models fingers are painted that mint blue that gives
a cool casual look to any girl.

To get these looks shown, stay tuned for the next installation. I really enjoyed this resort, so much that I could openly say that I thought it was better than the 2012 Resort.


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