Friday, 3 June 2011

Top 5 Books

Here is what I think are the top 5 books for any one, young or old, who wants to get into the fast paced fashion industry. Each of these books make great gifts for family or even yourself; I was extremely happy when my order of #1, #2 and #3 came through the door!


Derek Blasburg - Classy

This book is such a laugh! Although this book isnt really a how-to book on how to become a designer, fashion event manager, PR, photographer or anything like that, it still holds value to any girl/woman. Derek is, in a way, a socialite. He isnt really the celebrity he is more the celebrity's companion. With this status as well as his position as a journalist he has the best view on how you should act as dress in order to become a national treasure. "Classy" teaches you everything from party planning to what to dress when travelling via the Airport, as well as everything in between.

This book alongside being a vital handbook for every woman has a high level of comedy which contributes to the overall enjoyment. A great read!


Basics Fashion Design Series - Multiple Authors

The Basics Fashion Design series consist of  8 different books covering seven separate areas of Fashion Design. The first unit is Research and Design, explaining the importance of researching different techniques and learning how to translate inspiration into designs. Then there's unit 2: Fashion and Design covering different elements that need to be considered before construction. 3 is all about the Construction of your designs: pattern cutting, sizing and grading, haute couture and draping on the mannequin are featured topics. Unit 4 covers the stages of Developing a Collection. In each book there are interviews with successful designers giving their advice and tips.

Each book is written by people with experience in the industry, such as lecturers at Central St Martins and ex-attenders.

The series cover every topic a designer needs to know about, I couldn't ask anything more from these books.


The Teen Vogue Handbook

The clue in the title gives away who this book is aimed at. The Teen Vogue handbook, although only aimed at teenagers, is a great insight into 6 of the key jobs in the fashion industry: Designers, Editors, Stylists, Models, Make-up Artists and Photographers.

Each topic gives examples and interviews of key figures from the career and lists tips and things you need to be to get far in the industry.

I enjoyed this book but I think it should have gone into more detail about other, perhaps smaller, jobs in the industry. For example a PR or events Manager, as these are equally important jobs in fashion.


The Fashion Book

The Fashion Book is one of y favourite books, not just one of the best fashion books I've bought. This fashion bible is an A-Z of influential designers, models, jewellers, hairdressers, illustrators, cosmetic makers, make-up artists, photographers and just plain old inspirational icons: e.g. socialites and celebrities. 

There is no doubt that I dont know all of these people, which is why this book is so great! Each of the 512 pages cover a different person and their career, explaining their achievements and key looks alongside a big photo of one of their key pieces of work.

I think the reason this is a best buy is that there's a variety of careers shown, not just designers and models. No one barely ever considers how a hairdresser or milliner got their claim to fame. Buy. This. Book. You wont regret it!


Fashion & Textiles, The Essential Careers Guide - Carol Brown

This book deserves to be the winner of my heart, the best Fashion related careers book. The Essential Careers Guide provides a detailed look into over 50 of the various career options available in the Fashion industry. The book profiles the different jobs in-depth, listing required skills and the role of the job. Not forgetting the vital interviews. 

Other than profiling over 50 jobs, the book gives you advice on getting any kind of job; it teaches you how to write a perfect CV, network, and apply for apprenticeships and work placements. It is a very well laid out and easy to real guide using more than 150 illustrations  of different environments your job could involve you working in.

I am so happy to have bought this book: know I am aware of the important roles in fashion that have been overlooked like a PR, a Marketing Manager or a Buyer. 

Please do think of investing in this book, after all, you're investing in your future!


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