Thursday, 9 June 2011

On Your Day Off

I've been ill recently and as I was off school and had some free time I got to thinking, should I put any energy into what I wear? I mean, when you've got no place to go and your just chilling at home should you put effort into what you wear? You don't really have anyone to impress but yourself.

On Monday I was feeling like rubbish, so depressed. The evidence of my illness was the fact that I wore head-to-toe black. Wearing a Wolfmother Woman tee is even more incriminating. (Though I do love them!) Black leggings, gross, and a snugly knitted Topshop cardigan. Not the most stylish or inspirational image.

What do you wear on you days off?

Are you as dolled up as this lot when your at home on the sofa?

Julia Frakes, Model @ Next

Jade Pafitt, model @ Models1

Anais Mali, Model @ Wilhelmina
Images courtesy of this blog.

What do you do? Personally, I slum it. (Except from Spring cleaning. That's when I break out the Calvin Klein dungarees!)

What does this show? I guess if your one of the people who keeps it fashionable it must mean that your the kind who dresses for yourself. ..Or your like me, who doesn't put the energy into her outfits unless she has somewhere to go. Must mean I dress for everyone else most of the time. Ah well.



  1. days off? well that is not a difficult question! i wear
    PYJAMAS! YESYES! i'm a pyjama lover:):)

  2. Hahaha!!! Well why not!!



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