Saturday, 25 June 2011

Jean Paul Gautier a Paris

I was just browsing Vogue online and came across a swag menswear collection from fashion week in Paris, Spring Summer 2012. It just so happened to be Jean Paul Gautier.

The Collection is a mashup of casual and dressed up clothes. Think board shorts teamed with blazers, loud prints from head-to-toe, denim jackets thrown over pin stripe vest and trouser combo's. This post covers the trend Jean Paul is promoting, the fine details and the different influences on the structure of garments.

Check it out!

My favourite!


Whats your opinion on this collection? Does the mix of typically formal and informal pieces work, do you want more of this trend? And head-to-toe floral, am I going to see you in it??

The Details:

I am in love with his beard! Marry me?!

The contrasting prints, stunning.
Yep, contrasting prints definetly work.
The attention to detail is extraudinary.

When I see this outfit I immediatly visualise Chanel's Shanghi collection.
Don't you? This is perfection.

The covered seams on the collar finish off this gingham look.

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I really love this collection, the out-there prints and different world influences on the shape and structure of the pieces. Job well done!

Lotsa love.

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