Sunday, 22 May 2011

Spandex, Baby

Leggings, the debate whether they should be worn as trousers or not is still battling on. I love the variety and materials leggings can be found in. Topshop had fur leggings in last Christmas. Freaking gorgeous, wish I'd bought them. Here are my selection of the patterned leggings from a site called  Black Milk which specialises in leggings and oh-so-retro merchandise.

I love the galaxy ones. Well, do you wear leggings on their own with a tee or are you the kind who believes leggings must be worn under something?



  1. I love those leggings ! :O :D As to your question, I hink it depends on the leggings really, and the shoes. If like here, the leggings are patterned I think a tee goes better and the boots, but if it's just a plain legging I would put a pretty tunic and cute flats. But I think the one thing not to do with leggings : a tee, plain leggings, and flats. Ew. ^^ xx

  2. Yes I so agree :)Wearing such patterned leggings with a complex top would us tbe too over the top, you know what I mean?



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