Sunday, 15 May 2011

Invisible Shoes?

Sao Paulo designer Andreia Chaves is a shoe maestro for sure. Feast your eyes on the...

Invisible shoe!! The use of 3D printing and the use of digital lasers are increasing. The shoe itself is constructed from laser cut mirror fa├žades, internal leather and nylon. The use of mirrors reflects the surroundings of the shoe so it seems as if they are part of the environment. Andreia Chaves creates art with her shoe designs. Give the impression that your floating on air with a pair of Andreia's creations.

Chaves plays with texture, visual effect and form, using materials no other designer would even begin to consider as usable. A truly inspirational designer I will be keeping note of.



  1. wow! I love this concept! Fashion borrows so much from art doesn't it?
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Blog

  2. Your so right! Love your blog!

    Love Rachel



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