Sunday, 29 May 2011


If you've had the chance to read the Gaga/Fry article you really don't want to miss the corresponding images! I really love her get-up, as always!

Some people think she lacks taste - maybe they're right but that's not really the point. Gaga is an inspirational person in fashion in my eyes because she has no fear. She will wear something that contradicts "Red Carpet style", she doesn't care for other peoples ideas of what a Pop star should look like. Gaga teaches us to be ourselves and wear our style the way we want to, not how the media, our parents and friends tell us we should.

With Gaga in the World the restrictions on how we dress are limitless! I believe that's the way it should be.

Photo credit: Shamil Tanna / FT Weekend Magazine
In the article Gaga commented about many subjects, including:

On money:
“It’s honestly true that money means nothing to me. The only big things I’ve purchased are my dad’s heart valve and a Rolls-Royce for my parents, for their anniversary. And that was only because my dad had a Lady Gaga licence plate on our old car and it was making me crazy because he was getting followed everywhere, so I bought him a new car. Other than that I put everything in the show, and I actually went bankrupt after the first extension of The Monster Ball.”

On fans:
“I sent them hot chocolate yesterday, and macaroons, and then today I had press all day and I felt a bit bad because I wouldn’t have much of a chance to go down and say hello. But I did manage to go down and brought them some fresh cookies and flowers. Little Monsters are a community. It’s kind of nice that wherever I go they create a little home for me.

On Madonna:
“I genuinely love her so much. I think she is so amazing. She could never be replicated and, yes, I’m Italian, I’m from New York, and not for nothing, it’s not my fault that I kind of look like her, right? So, look, if anything, it’s more annoying to me that people would insinuate that I don’t like to be compared to her… She’s wonderful and inspiring and liberating, and she’s certainly inspired my album, as did David Bowie, as did Prince, as did Michael Jackson, as did Grace Jones, and I would never take that away.”

For the full interview visit the FT website!!

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