Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Holla to the peeps from T&T!

A recent up kick of views from Trinbago (Trinidad and Tobago) makes me smile. I'm half Trinidadian so its nice to get viewers from across the pond, I have an inkling that you're relatives! Thanks for the support, all of you, from everywhere, I really love you!

I just would like to give a heads up to my dad's new photography blog (he's the Trini by the way) I helped kick start last week. He will share his travels, experiences, tips and tricks of photography that he's picked up along the way with his readers as he develops his skills.

He's been in the industry for donkeys years so he really knows his stuff, if your interested in a shoot and are looking for a trustable photographer feel free to check out his details at this page.

His blog still needs fine tuning so bear that in mind when you surf.

Much love to you all!

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