Sunday, 29 May 2011

80's Vibe

Yesterday I went totally 80's. Not a good thing for my parents I'm sure! It all began when a song from some advert on TV got stuck in my head; it just so happened to be a Talking Head's tune: Psycho Killer. If you know this song you will agree, catchy is an understatement. When it was released, my mother informs me, it was an anthem. Later, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record Baby) also became impossible to remove from my brain. "They just don't make music like they used to," swears my mum, I cant disagree really. Come on! Dubstep! Really?!

This got me to thinking. Did the 80's way of living (putting their blood sweat and tears into their music) apply to fashion?

80's fashion resolved around the music scene which was going through the "new romanticism" phase. Basically  british post-punk; Duran Duran, Soft Cell, Culture Club, early Eurythmics, Adam and the Ants and David Bowie were artists of the genre.The complete opposite from the silhouette of clothing in the 70's, 80's trousers were tight fitting, blouses flowing and decorated with floppy bows, shoulder pads a-plenty. From Princess Di to Madonna, there were many style icons so individual style was very varied. Music wasnt the only source of inspiration for women and men when getting dressed; the whole of popular culture had an effect.

Shoulder pads were back and better than ever in 2010 but originally they bloomed in the 80's after the American soaps Dynasty and Dallas. Flashdance inspired ripped shirts. In 2010 another 80's fad came back around: underwear as outerwear. Thanks Madonna. 

Hair was dishevelled for women and some men styled theirs longer due to heavy metal's birth, but many kept theirs mid-length and neat.  

Designers Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood especially were in their prime. Vivienne created punk style according to many people. She worked closely with the Sex Pistols and Adam and the Ant, thus the Pirate collection was born.

Not forgetting the necessary pair of Dr Martens that finished off the look of a Skinhead.


  1. I LOVE THE 80SS!!!!

  2. The 80's was awseome! Their teens broke with all the euphemisms of the time. They used to wear colorful clothes and disheveled hair... I love 80's lifestyle!


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